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Phimosis Diagnosis, Cures and Home Remedies - Phimosis can be a troubling condition to have. Learn more about diagnosing it and treating it with effective methods that will avoid surgery. Find reviews on Phimosis related products too.

  • http://www.phimosis.ca/treatment-and-physiology-of-phimosis/ Treatment and Physiology of Phimosis | Phimosis Treatment, Stretching Guides and Reviews - Phimosis is brought about by the inability of the foreskin to loosen during growth, by infections like balinitis, by defects due to trauma, and by disorders of the genitals.
  • http://www.phimosis.ca/how-to-treat-phimosis-with-cream/ How to Treat Phimosis with Cream | Phimosis Treatment, Stretching Guides and Reviews - Phimosis is a condition in males which can be safely treated with steroids and topical creams and can be more effective if it is combined with proper hygiene and stretching exercises.
  • http://www.phimosis.ca/signs-of-phimosis-for-surgery/ Signs of Phimosis for Surgery | Phimosis Treatment, Stretching Guides and Reviews - The prepuce or foreskin acts as a protection for the head of the penis called glans from feces, urine, and other kinds of irritations. It also helps in protecting the penis from any infection and scarring of the urinary opening or meatus.
  • http://www.phimosis.ca/severe-phimosis-and-other-disorders-that-affect-health/ Severe Phimosis and Other Disorders that Affect Health | Phimosis Treatment, Stretching Guides and Reviews - Learn about the different types of severe phimosis and possible treatment for each condition.
  • http://www.phimosis.ca/what-is-pinhole-phimosis/ What is Pinhole Phimosis? | Phimosis Treatment, Stretching Guides and Reviews - Pinhole phimosis is a severe condition where the inflammation of the foreskin cannot be pulled back to its natural position. Learn the ways to cure phimosis.

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  • Tinywishes - I was a little skeptical that this could be a good product, given the reasonable price

    Honestly, I was a little skeptical that this could be a good product, given the reasonable price. But I bit the bullet and ordered two anyway, figuring that they couldn't be as bad as my aging charger that had become unreliable. SO glad I did! Now I have a charger for my backpack, and one for the car, and I'm never without a way to charge my phone when I need to.

  • northwestpeach - Good as a finisher . . .

    It does a great job of "finishing" your smoothing process. I use one of those large cheese-grater-looking things to get callouses off, and then smooth with this. The combo works well. This alone just is not strong enough to really get callouses and hard skin off of heels.

  • Skyler Blair - miracle

    This stuff saved my ass. Drink bunch of water a day or two before if you can. Chug this 2 hours before test.. Pee 3-4 times to get it rolling thru the stream and you are good to go. Love it

  • David Hofman - You'll read this over and over!

    I've been reading Dan for what seems like years, and when I read that he was publishing a book, I couldn't wait to get a copy. I'm already on my third pass through the book. It is entertaining, enlightening, interesting, and just plain fun. Thanks, Dan!