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Piki Te Ora Health Centre - Linwood - Piki Te Ora, the Union and Community Health Centre, is a general practice in Linwood for all your health needs.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • R. Austin - Thought it was great, until my face revolted

    I have sensitive dry skin with mild rosacea and was looking for something that could scrub off the dead dry skin but not irritate my face too much. I started using this and was initially happy with the results. It worked well and left my skin feeling clean and dead skin free. About 4 or 5 uses in, everything changed. My skin broke out into this weird texture. I had tiny skin-colored little bumps all over my face and my face felt like sand paper. I've never seen my skin do this before. Everywhere I had used this scrub was bumpy and irritated. My skin wasn't red but it felt like it was crawling and very irritated. I immediately stopped using this and after a week or so of just water, my skin finally started to clear up.

  • Amazon Customer - A beautiful product for the casual coin collector.

    This is a good choice for the casual coin collector but only has one slot per quarter issued, so there is no provision to inset one from each U. S. Mint of the same issue. Coins are heavy though to ship so most coins in circulation in your area will be from the same U. S. mint. There are though all kinds of levels of coin collecting and for someone only looking for a representative of each design this is a very well designed way to display the coins. The U. S. mint site is the best place to learn the basics of coin collecting with a bias only toward selling you more and more expensive options that might be cheaper at a local store for coin collectors that buys in bulk new issues plus purchasing from other customers.