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Pilot and Feasibility Studies | Home page - <b><i>Pilot and Feasibility Studies</i></b> is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that encompasses all aspects of the design, conduct and reporting of pilot and feasibility studies in biomedicine. The journal publishes research articles that are intended to directly influence future clinical trials, as well as protocols, commentaries and methodology articles. The journal also ensures that the results of all well-conducted, peer-reviewed, pilot and feasibility studies are published, regardless of outcome or significance of findings.

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  • EC Dave - Good product

    I like the product. Installed on 3 PCs flawlessly. Seems to defend against threats Norton didn't or maybe it's simply telling me it is doing things that Norton didn't tell me yet did. This product combined with Malware Pro makes me feel much safer. No instructions, even on their website, for removing from 1 of 3 PCs to install on new computer and customer support is lame, so that was frustrating.

  • adgmaine - Too many problems

    I upgraded from ACT 2007. I did not have any conflict issues with 2007. After I installed ACT 2010 Outlook would lock up when opened. I have spent way too much time at the KB trying to figure out why I am having these problems. I would return the software if I could.

  • Jmarie - Easy foundation application!

    I have seen these new make-up brushes all over the internet and finally the curiosity finally got me and I had to order one. This brush is amazing. I usually use my fingers or one of the sponge things to apply my foundation. This is so much easier and looks way better. I just apply the foundation on my face and then use this brush to blend it in. It really does a great job at leaving no streaks. I was amazed at how soft the brush felt on my face. I also use mineral foundation on some days. This works just as good with the powder as it does with the liquid. I am pretty simple when it comes to makeup. Usually just foundation,powder,mascara and a tiny bit of eyeshadow. But im sure this brush could be used for applying blush as well. The brush fits perfect in my hand. It comes with steps to show you how to apply the makeup using the brush so that was cool since i never used one of these. My teen walked into my bathroom one day when I was using it and flipped out saying omygosh you got one of those. Can I have it..LOL... i guess she has seen these before. By the way she did NOT get it. I am really interested in trying all the other sizes in the future. For my 1st oval brush I am very impressed.