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  • cher - Not what I thought but I liked it!

    Thought this was a different night white when I ordered it. When it came in I was a little disappointed it was not what I had used in the past. Turns out I loved it! Works better than my other night white in a shorter period of time!

  • K. Baines - So sad - its really bad.

    If I could give it zero stars I would. The first two in the series had be really excited for the third but I got to the 6th chapter and I was REALLY trying to read it to the end but couldn't. GOOD LAWD THIS IS JUST HORRIBLE!!! I mean when did she become a hip hop want to be? Must we read over and over again how hot this one is or that one is...WE KNOW THE QUADS ARE HOT. We know they are her pack but how many times do we have read how they look and that they all love her desperately and she loves them desperately.

  • Alexandra Gainor - PROACTIV IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!

    PROACTIV IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! It does not work. Do not buy it from the company directly because the will continue to bill your credit card even after you cancel their useless product. They are not honest or straight forward about the cost and they will trick you into signing up for a membership with recurring fees. This

  • Kristina - It works very well just as good as proactive

    I paid just over $8 for this as an add on item, walmart sells the exact same product for about 20 bucks.I believe I used this as a teen myself, now 30 years old I purchased it for my tween. It works very well just as good as proactive. Would purchase again.

  • William Loyd - Required reading for all Americans

    Want to understand the powers that are destroying this country and our middle class, what's turning us into a 3rd world country? Read this book!! Open your eyes and see what we can start doing to turn this ship around and get the country back on track.

  • Asia Johnson - Cole World! :D

    This CD is amazing. J. Cole really stepped up and showed the world that you can rap about something of substance and not have to settle for low sales and mediocre radioplay. The album talks about appreciating the intangible things like love, friendship, and family instead money, cars, and clothes. Cole takes us on a journey back to 2014 Forest Hills Drive and lets us in on his struggles & successes there while still touching on relevant issues like the white-washing of hiphop and the myth that fame is a wonderland of good. Cole still stays true to his "Who Dat" days with bangers like "G.O.M.D." All in all I really love this album and I'm glad the first album I've ever actually purchased myself was his. Man, he is a talented artist, so ahead of his time even when he rhyme about the future he be reminiscing. #coleworld