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  • HunnyBear - Book Mainly about the BIBLE

    When I first bought this book, I thought it would mainly be about the subject of 2012 research. When I got to the middle of the book, the author was mainly preaching about the bible, and why we should ONLY get our answers from the BIBLE, and not from 2012 researchers/authors of 2012 books. He calls it the 2012 craze. It seems the author believes that what is said by scientist, researchers, Nostradamus, new agers, and the mayans is all crazy talk nonsense. He means well, and seems like a good Christian Man, but he needs to be more open minded to other possibilities, and similarities to other religions, researchers, Nostradamus, Hopi, and the Mayans. The ancients, Nostradamus, etc was warning us of a catastrophic future if we don't live in peace with each other & the earth (climate/global warming). We should take all of these warnings very serious if we want to continue living here on earth, and continue future generations.

  • Regina Holloway - Duo knocks it out the park again.

    Elizabeth has lost her dad, then she finds out that she lost most if her inheritance to a stranger by the name of Liam She is angry, hurt and confused. Why does a man she has never heard of been favored by her dad? Lusm has few secrets that he wants to tell Elle. One being he has fallen in love with her, but can he keep her, safe and alive long enough to win her love. This book has action, suspence, passion and heart that will keep you turning the pages. I voluntarily agreed to review an ARC.

  • Sweet_Tooth - Excellent!

    Simple music player with only a few buttons, but it was everything I needed. The size makes it convenient when I go for a run. I know it can hold a lot of songs, but I've never had more than 5 songs on it at a time, since it's easier to navigate through 5 songs than 100. Great device!!

  • lrchops - Very good unit

    The TV box works well and I really like the remote keypad feature with mouse. The only problem is the unit needs to be reset every time I use it by unplugging it and plugging it back in. It is not completely compatible with my new Visio 60" TV. It works perfectly fine on the old VIsio so it must be the TV. Overall I would buy this unit again. Much better than the MXQ.

  • Selena - Great Storage

    I love this album! It's great for the National Park Quarters that I also ordered from Amazon. I like that it has facts about each park and is pleasent to look at :)

  • Kiss - Best kind of thermometer

    This device is pure genius. I love it. I wish we would have bought this kind of thermometer first, rather than spend like a hundred dollars on other devices. I really wish we would have it when my 3 year old was a newborn because it would have made our lives so much simpler. I simply can't imagine a better device for taking a wiggly baby's temp. You can even take it while the baby is asleep without bothering him or her. Very quick and accurate. I will recommend this to all of my friends with babies or kids.