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Home - Are you pregnant? Need help? An unexpected pregnancy can leave you feeling worried, anxious, confused, trapped, pressured and unsure what to do. Sometimes it can be hard to see beyond the present moment. We care and can assist you to work through your feelings and situation.

  • http://www.pregnantandworried.org.nz/YourOptions Your Options - If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you might be feeling worried, scared, trapped and unsure what to do. Although you may be contemplating abortion, you do have three options to consider: • Parenting • Adoption • Abortion Before you make any decisions, please call on 0800 367 5433, there is someone ready to listen 24/7.
  • http://www.pregnantandworried.org.nz/PregnancySymptoms Pregnancy Symptoms - The symptoms of pregnancy can be different for every woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy for one woman! But one of the most universal signs of pregnancy is a missed or delayed period. It may take a few weeks before any pregnancy symptoms start to appear.
  • http://www.pregnantandworried.org.nz/morningafterpill Morning After Pill - All you need to know about the Morning After Pill, otherwise known as Emergency Contraception.

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  • Leah Berk - Great for managing finances in a small business environment, online tutorials are invaluable

    To teach myself how to use Sage 50, I relied online tutorials (video and text) for when I got stuck; Youtube has a wealth of intro/beginner/intermediate ones for helping setup and run the program. With an afternoon's focus, I got most of the basic functions implemented and felt comfortable using the software.

  • neverfoldem - Good fun for family.

    I like the concept and great exercise activity for the family. Also not bad start for the Xbox One. Bravo.

  • akmjohnson - A little goes a long way!

    I was hesitant to buy the economy size since I thought it was pricey for a child's soap, but with the pump a little goes a LONG way! We've been using the same bottle liberally for my son's body soap (we use different soap for his hair since it's not tear free) every day for almost two years now and I still have 1/3 of the bottle left!! I love the gentle scent and my son loves that the soap comes out as bubbles. I feel great that there isn't any harmful chemicals- everyone wins.

  • Bonnie - A Skincare Staple

    I like this stuff as a light moisturizer. For me it works the best when I mix it into another product like a serum or lotion. Buying Acure on Amazon always seems to get the best price so if that continues I will keep purchasing!

  • A. Thompson - The World Ends and We Find Safety

    I watched this video many times; I live the players, all of them and the scenery and their travels...It was exciting to see this version of the end of the world: this country, other countries and all these people embarking on an unknown journey to safety. This was a great movie.

  • VSGinSC - Freezing like it is winter on Pluto

    Bought mine the last week of Dec and struggled all week to get it to work properly. Did everything that was published on-line about how to fix the issue of it freezing without result. Finally took it back to the reseller in town and he was amazed it was not working then tried it for a few days and agreed it was a lemon. Then I started reading the reviews and thought "why did I not check first" But I assumed GoPro was the best there was. Seems the hardware has always been problematic. Bought a Contour Roam and love it. Just works and no clunky interface either. Not sure about the surf mount but so far it is has remained attached to the board.