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Preston Medical Pharmacy - Preston Medical Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated pharmacy and home health care centre located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. We have certified professionals on staff at all times to assist you with any concerns you may have about your health care needs.

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  • tthe1t - Exelent program

    I have used QuickBooks for many years and it just gets better and better. I have a small web designing business and am able to track all my expenses and tax information effortlessly and painlessly.

  • stephieH - won't get the set again

    I love the oil and spray on conditioner, but the shampoo does not lather well and the bottle conditioner takes a lot but work ok. The shampoo smells like bug spray. I would buy the oil cause it does work really well on my frizzy hair and it doesn't smell as bad

  • Angela Borden - Surprised at the pain relief so far

    I have very very bad pain in my shoulders arms and collarbones almost on a daily basis. My husband has disk degenerative disease. So we both suffer from pain issues. I saw this on Amazon, and after reading thought I might give it a try. It shipped really fast and also arrived very quickly. Thankfully it came in today on an extremely bad pain day for me. I had taken ibuprofen with no relief at all. I decided to try using this on the arm that hurts, I figured that it could not hurt. Open opening the first thing that hit me was the smell of mint and a lemony scent. I no that spearmint is good for a localized pain reliever. Lemon grass oil has been known to be great for arthritis and muscular pain when applied to the painful area. So I already was happy with that. After reading the ingredients on the side I saw menthol which is a good pain remedy, and also chamomile, sandalwood, and juniper which are all great for pain relief. So I applied some, not a lot mind you, to the pained area and I was having relief in minutes. It did not stop completely, but there was a big difference in the margin of pain. I wad actually able to enjoy my evening with my kids and not be crippled by my pain and have to pop ibuprofen constantly. I will continue to use this and will update after a more prolonged use and update on my experience. I received this Hot cream by baebody in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Rhonda S. - I really like it, exactly as shown

    I really like it, exactly as shown. Only downside I feel is it does not have a monthly at-a-glance calendar in front of each month as a lot of planners have, but I knew that when I ordered it, and still like it.

  • Biolaburman - Excellent performance at the National Scout Jamboree

    I purchased this for camping in general but was prompted to buy my upcoming attendance at the national Boy Scout Jamboree in a remote location in West Virginia. While remote, the event was well connected with digital scheduling, blogs, newspapers, emergency messaging, personal locators and so on ("the most connected jamboree ever"). While the ATT provided coverage was complete - essentially providing anything available at home, charging stations for 40,000 plus scouts and all their devices was minimal. Finding something to plug into was a challenge. Enter the solar charging kit. Attached to my day pack with carabiners, and carried and set down facing the sun, I had plenty of power for all devices (iphone, ipod, ipad mini) and enough to share. These chargers were prominent at the Jamboree and were also sold in the trading posts. Glad I got mine through the gold box at Amazon. Be aware the charging process I used was to charge the battery pack with the sun and then use the battery pack to charge devices. This is because the connection with the iPhone especially was easily lost by movement or even the passing of clouds when connected directly to the solar panels. same with iPad. The iPod worked well directly. I noted much better success than many others had with different solar chargers. The battery pack can be charged by direct connect into an outlet, but I found (as the company indicates) the charging time was better by direct sunlight.

  • J. Pritchett - Processor too slow

    We bought this PC for an employee working primarily in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. the processor was just too slow for it to perform satisfactorily. we had to return it.

  • Maude Marie Mowell - Wow! What a difference

    Amazing! At first, I was a little worried about purchasing this item, but let me tell you something. I went one evening of not using my Navage Nasal Irrigation system and when I woke up the next day, man, my head was so stuffed up. I suffer from allergies almost all year long & already I can tell a big difference. I have not taken anymore allergy/sinus medicine since I purchased this item. I simply use my Navage to clean out my head. I have had this item almost a week, and I wish I had purchased it a lot sooner.