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Prevención basada en la Evidencia - Inicio - El objetivo de este proyecto es conseguir que toda la prevención que se realice en nuestro país esté basada en la evidencia. Se trata pues de poner en marcha un servicio al servicio de los profesionales y las personas responsables de programas o que toman decisiones sobre políticas preventivas, que les ofrezca información seleccionada, accesible, y de calidad, que estimule una competencia creativa y eficaz en el logro de calidad y que al tiempo estimule el intercambio de conocimientos. La producción científica crece día a día y no es fácil, incluso para los profesionales, tener acceso a la información más clave.

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City: 12.1097 , Italy

  • Hguy - Not pleased

    I bought four Range Kleen replacement plug-ins for my range and four Range Kleen drip pans. You'd think they'd fit together perfectly; same company, similar products to go together well.. but all of them didn't. Three of the drip pans fit perfectly with the range plugins but one of them did not. And no matter what tools I used to stretch it this way, hammer it that way it was clearly a different size than the other one (Could of been a problem in production?). Well anyway, 3/5 stars not bad, but had to use one of my old drip pans to replace the new one that didn't fit.

  • Valshine - problems with euro-pro shark navigator

    I bought the Euro Pro Shark Navigator a month ago, and when I first started using it, I was sooo impressed at how well it cleaned my carpet and left it looking new, but I encountered a problem where the spinning brush part on the bottom of the vaccum does not stay spinning the whole time I'm vacuming. I push it foward it spins, pull it back, it stops. I cleaned out the brush, all the filters,and it still won't run right. I call the company customer service, I get someone from another country (I am in USA) and all he can tell me is to clean out the filters. Thanks for nothing. I already tried that. So I e-mailed the company explaining my problem,they e-mailed me back telling me to call customer service. Thanks for nothing again. so I have a $200 vaccum I have only had for a month and it doesn't work and I can't get any help with it. So Shark Navigator you get 1 star from me!!!!

  • wolvern - Gasket sealer

    I bought it for my bushings in the front suspension of my explorer since they don't have grease fittings anymore. I used it one time and no more squeaks when i have to go through a dip in the road. I love to hear nothing anymore, the constant squeaks evrytime i hit a bump was driving me crazy, not any more.

  • Abdulrahman - The Toronto Notes for Medical Students 2011

    Received on time and as specified and this book is a great addition. All the topics and pertinent info in the one place....perfect for quick reference

  • swest - Got suckerd-Ashamed of myself

    I fell into the trap of good salesmenship at a kiosk in the mall over this gel. Bought this way more than it was worth, and I would return it if I could. The gel itself balls up, not any skin on your face. I'll be watching my credit card and make sure no more than what was charged is taken off of my card.