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Projections Research, Inc., Pharmacological Consulting, PK/PD analysis - Projections Research provides pharmacological consulting to the pharmaceutical industry, advancing client understanding of both new and marketed drugs.

  • https://www.pri-home.net/about-dr-diane-mould/ About Dr. Diane Mould | Projections Research, Inc. - Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Diane Mould, Projections Research, Inc. -- Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacometrics, clinical trial design.
  • https://www.pri-home.net/services/ Services | Projections Research, Inc. - Projections Research is a consulting firm providing expertise in clinical pharmacology to the pharmaceutical industry. Population pharmacokinetics.
  • https://www.pri-home.net/case-studies/ Development of a Stroke Disease Model | Projections Research, Inc. - This is an example of the development of a disease progression model for stroke used to evaluate the activity of a new drug candidate.
  • https://www.pri-home.net/publications/ Publications | Projections Research, Inc. - List of published articles on Population Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Drug Development, Model-Based Meta-Analysis, & Disease Progression Models.
  • https://www.pri-home.net/contact-us/ Contact Us | Projections Research, Inc. - If you have any questions or would like to discuss possible projects with us, please contact Diane R. Mould, Projections Research, Inc., (703) 919-1715.
  • https://www.pri-home.net/services/our-process/ Our Process | Projections Research, Inc. - Our team analyzes your pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data using noncompartmental or pharmacometric analysis and provides clear & concise reports.

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