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Priligy | Comprar Priligy Dapoxetina Original - O Priligy Dapoxetina trata a ejaculação precoce. O preço do Priligy inclui a receita médica e a entrega pela farmácia para Portugal e Brasil.

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  • Mike - Much improved!

    I have arthritis in both knees, with a partial replacement in one. I was due to have surgery on the other one, and I began taking Turmeric Curcumin. The inflammation and swelling have decreased to the point that I no longer feel a need currently to have the surgery. I am able to do things that I haven't done without pain in several years.

  • David W. Ellis - This is a great product and vendor

    This is a great product and vendor. Ive called them and they really were helpful. The remote is working great and was far less then the cost of an OEM. You have to follow the directions perfectly to get keyed in but I am more than satisfied.

  • Audio Dude - Every iteration carries more baggage

    When will Intuit come up with a version that allows multiple users on Macs and PCs to use the same data files? Even Microsoft does with Microsoft Office. Come on Intuit, get with the program.


    This is an okay game. After getting it, I immediately went to the Road to the World Cup (qualifying) mode. The first thing I noticed was that the gameplay was barely improved from the 2010 version (I had recently played it in anticipation for this one). Better, but not significantly. However, the graphics are noticeably better. In that moment, I would have given this 4 or 5 stars. Hours of gameplay later, I got to the final squad selector, where you choose your final squad. At this point I saved in case I want to play again later with a different squad. The first thing I noticed was that selector was ridiculously confusing, especially without a game manual. After 10 minutes of trying to figure it out, I finally was able to get a squad that I was okay with, although not necessarily happy with. So I advance to the final tournament. Now I have to set my lineup for the first match, but wait, where are the players I grudgingly accepted? Somehow, they got replaced by other completely random players. The starting 11 I had used through qualifying was there but my bench was different. Great! I've invested hours into qualifying and training to increase the form of players I planned on taking to the World Cup, many of whom I was unable to select in the final 23 selector. Now, all but 11 were gone. In the moment, I was mildly upset. Then I remembered I had saved before the selector. I'll just go back and fix it and maybe this time I can get my squad I wanted originally! Nope! 5 tries later and I'm still not able to pick the squad I truly want and I'm getting random players on the bench. At this point, I'm so disappointed that I decide to contact ea support to see if I'm missing anything. I go onto ea's website and sign in with my ea (origin) account. I fill out every form and go to submit my question and problem and I have to sign in again. However, after multiple attempts, I am unable to sign in. I opened a new tab and was able to sign in there. I can't contact customer support for this games critical problems. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU ARE BIG INTO THE QUALIFYING MODE or want to choose a different squad than the true one.

  • Justine - Best experience on a period

    Best protection available. Originally I bought it because I wanted to have sex while on my period and I'm SO HAPPY I bought these. Honestly, putting the softcup in the first time will be difficult, ok? That's life and that's gonna happen. When I put it in the second time I knew what to do and felt better about how to place it in there. Lol it's odd getting it out but it's a huge load off my back rather than worrying about a pad or tampon leaking. Warning however: when having sex, make sure your man doesn't push it too far up your walls. This happened the last time I was on my period, and it took me a little longer to pull out the softcup because of its placement. It's an easy fix though, as long as you take deep breaths and relax your body, then push out, it can come out quite easily though you may think it's stuck hahaha.

  • Trashpkr - Didn't do a darn thing. I'll try again with a different computer.

    Failed. I couldn't get it to play or upload to my computer. I'll give it another try, when I can spend more time trying to figure out the instructions, and use a different computer. Still never made it work.

  • Karen Flint - I love this product

    I love this product. I have middle aged, combination skin. It's a gentle cleanser, keeps my skin balanced, and I love the smell. Makes me feel like I'm in a spa every day.