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  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/defective-food-items/apple-juice-contaminated-with-e-coli-bacteria/ Apple Juice Contaminated with E. coli Bacteria - Apple Juice from High Hill Ranch in Apple Hill, Camino, California has tested positive for E. coli bacteria, The Daily Meal reports.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/product-recall/whole-foods-recalls-cheese-contaminated-with-listeria/ Whole Foods Recalls Cheese Contaminated With Listeria - Whole Foods Market is recalling cheese nationwide after concerns over food poisoning.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/product-recall/bicycles-recalled-for-potential-crash-risk/ Bicycles Recalled For Potential Crash Risk - A potential crash hazard has prompted a safety recall of more than 1.5 million bicycles with front disc brakes and quick release levers.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/defective-food-items/salmonella-outbreak-at-west-hollywood-restaurant-to-the-stars/ Salmonella Outbreak At West Hollywood Restaurant To The Stars - Fig & Olive, an upscale restaurant frequented by celebrities has been linked to salmonella outbreaks at 2 of its locations in West Hollywood and Washington D.C.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/defective-food-items/listeriosis-outbreak-from-contaminated-soft-cheeses/ Listeriosis Outbreak From Contaminated Soft Cheeses - An outbreak of listeriosis, including 14 cases in California, has been linked to Middle Eastern-style soft cheeses that were sold in markets nationwide.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/defective-food-items/chipotle-facing-two-food-poisoning-lawsuits/ Chipotle Facing Two Food Poisoning Lawsuits - Chipotle is dealing with two unrelated food poisoning lawsuits from customers who became sick after eating food from the popular Mexican eatery.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/defective-food-items/recalled-salmonella-tainted-cucumbers-spur-lawsuit/ Recalled Salmonella Tainted Cucumbers Spur Lawsuit - A woman filed a lawsuit over recalled cucumbers responsible for a salmonella outbreak that killed 1, sickened nearly 300, and over 50 hospitalized in 27 states.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/defective-medical-products/jury-awards-9-1-million-in-defective-hip-implant-lawsuit/ Jury Awards $9.1 Million In Defective Hip Implant Lawsuit - A Los Angeles jury has awarded $9.1 million to a man who received a Durom Cup hip implant made by Zimmer.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/defective-food-items/salmonella-cases-from-frozen-tuna-multiply-in-california/ Salmonella Cases From Frozen Tuna Multiply In California - Sushi made with frozen raw tuna has been linked to 62 cases of salmonella in 11 states, about half of those cases in California.
  • http://www.productdefectnewsandadviceblog.com/defective-food-items/vons-pavilions-recall-frozen-chicken-entrees-for-salmonella/ Vons & Pavilions Recall Frozen Chicken Entrees for Salmonella - 3 types of frozen chicken entrees that might be contaminated with salmonella are being recalled by the company that owns Vons and Pavilions supermarkets.

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  • Amazon Customer - I love this book

    I love this book!! I read the whole thing in one night! I could not put it down... Dr. Fung has some great youtube videos as well.

  • Lisa Evans - Disappointed

    This new version has let me down. I was anticipating its release with great excitement as my family has enjoyed 3 and 4. The song selection is poor with more sings with lewd lyrics. The coriography is less danceable and seems too simple and not as fitting to the music. The costumes are more revealing as well. Overall I can say after trying to get into it by playing it a half dozen times that it will be sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

  • Rach L. - Loving the gel polish!

    I really like this gel nail polish kit. Everything is very easy to use, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The bottles included in the kit are very small, but it came with the LED light, so I'm ok with that. I really like how the LED light works, it flashes at 15 seconds, and turns off at 1 minute. The light automatically goes on as soon as you put your fingers under. I'm glad there's no button to push. The polish works just like regular polish (just be careful to avoid your cuticles or skin), but won't try until you cure it with the light. The polish itself is only OK. I found it very streaky and hard to get nice even coverage. I am very happy with the clear coat though. The primer makes the polish really stick to your nails, so if you want to avoid scraping the polish (after soaking), don't use it. The polish does stay on for days and days, I wanted a change after a week, so not sure how long it would last if left alone. Overall, I think this kit is well worth the money and highly recommend it.

  • Zeal Click - You want large, sleek, and accurate? Buy Now.

    First off, I'll state that I am an overzealous gamer with far too many peripherials for my own good. The Qck+ mouse-pad was not just another run-of-the-mill pad that I could find in wal-mart. The surface is super slick for a cloth pad. It is very large; anyone that slips off this pad while even 360 degree turning needs to switch hobbies. It seems to be durable. The test of time will determine this, but the material just feels like quality. The logo is sweet; the appearance is fantastic. If you do not feel more confidence simply from the studdly-ness of the pad as you make a left turn into a 300 yard valley full of snipers, once again, find another hobby. I owned an Ice-mat before this(a tempered glass pad with custom mouse feet), and while the ice was good, I believe I like the added friction of this mat better. The mix between friction and feel is not to be beat.

  • Nettles - Really intense perfume smell - meh

    The smell of this product is really powerful for me. I understand that others may be not as sensitive as I am about smells, example: I can't wear perfume sometimes because it causes to me to sneeze a lot.