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City: 151.2055 New South Wales, Australia

  • R. Markovic - Great product!

    Great product to use if you can afford it. If too pricey for you, then buy just once a month and use a couple of times a week, for when you cheat more on your diet.

  • Michelle - Amazing polish!

    My new favorite glitter polish! Only really takes two coats, but I usually do a third for that extra sparkle. Love it and get a lot of compliments on it. It's the perfect accent nail and looks amazing on toes! (:

  • IamPatSajak - Please read this before buying. I feel foolish for purchasing.

    I purchased this product at the mall yesterday, after a very friendly saleswoman chatted me up. I have bad skin, I'm lonely. I am just the kind of sucker they are looking for. She put the peel on my arm and it seems to peel off skin. In my head I said, it's probably just the product making those "peels" and not my skin. I purchased anyway, as you can barely get away from these people.. but I got out to my car, spread a drop of the product on a flat plastic surface, rubbed and I was right. It's not peeling your skin. The product coagulates and looks like peeled skin. Like Elmer's Glue. I have never been taken so easily and I could kick myself for the whole thing. The bottle that was in the box, has a broken/stuck pump so I can't even resell it on ebay or Amazon to the suckers who haven't figured out the trick yet.

  • ThursdayNext - Pretty good

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about regarding the setup, it was incredibly fast and simple. My guess, people don't know what they're doing. But I was displeased that this product uses a 2.4Ghz wireless radio which I personally cannot work with because I have too many other network signals around me in that band and it causes significant interference. So much so that it reduces the speed to less than 20Mbps. Still a good product for the price, and the touch screen was very cool. Ended up returning it, but can't say it was all bad

  • James Northcutt - AZO Cranberry Urinary Tract Health -Awesome Product!!!

    I will always use this product as will my daughter. It helps prevent urinary problems for me & I believe in taking care of myself. I love cranberry apple juice but I'm not always in the mood to drink a quart of it. This takes care of that. I don't have the urinary tract problems when I take this daily. It's not just a good product but it's a great product for urinary tract health. There's cranberry whole fruit powder & vitamin C in each gel tab. I prefer the gel tabs to the tablets. These are a must buy for me always!