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  • http://www.purewheyprotein.co.uk/pages/about-us About Us | Pure Protein | Pure Whey Protein Powders & Supplements - Discover more about Pure Protein and how our nutritional range of protein shakes and sports supplements can help you achieve your goals.
  • http://www.purewheyprotein.co.uk/pages/delivery-details Delivery Details | Pure Protein | Pure Whey Protein Powders & Supplements - Pure Protein is a Premium Grade 100% Pure Whey Protein Shakes & Sports Nutrition brand.
  • http://www.purewheyprotein.co.uk/pages/contact Contact Us | Pure Protein | Pure Whey Protein Powders & Supplements - Get in touch with us at Pure Protein. Pure Protein is a premium 100% Pure Whey Protein Shakes & Sports Nutrition brand.
  • http://www.purewheyprotein.co.uk/pages/find-a-personal-trainer Find a Trainer | Pure Protein | Whey Protein Powders & Supplements - Pure Protein helps you find a personal trainer. Search our database, all our training partners have been reviewed to help you achieve your goal!
  • http://www.purewheyprotein.co.uk/pages/trainers Trainers | Pure Whey Protein Powders & Supplements | Pure Protein - The PURE Partner Program is unique in the sports supplement industry, using a team of highly qualified professionals to support our customer’s throughout the UK

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  • Amazon Customer - Beware

    The introductory price is simply a "trial" use with very expensive billing to follow. Contacting customer service is a nightmare. Be ready to have at least 30 minutes of your time available to hold before anyone helps you. Charges are billed automatically without further aurthoization. You can cancel but even this is a difficult task.

  • Norma B. Holloway - Tart and crisp taste

    Satisfying drink-I was hoping for a more strawberry taste-it is a bit on the tart side but still good.

  • abby oaks - Great Study Tool

    Just purchased this item. Already a great study tool! I am a visual learner so the video tutorials are so helpful during the math section. Questions are formatted just like questions you will see on the actual DAT. So excited to continue to use this item and to see how my scores improve.

  • Vicki - Great FUN

    I really enjoy playing this group of slots! There are so many options. I can't wait for you to come & play this game yourself because I can't explain all the entertainment I have when I play. Have fun and happy gaming.

  • Glenn S. - A really great light with some reservations

    I am really beginning to like Fenix lights. They are quality built and come in many varieties. Although I do think Fenix is making some mistakes. A typical tactical light has a "hotspot" in the middle and then "spill beam" around the hotspot. With the PD32 UE they jumped the lumens to 800 but they made the hotspot almost as large as the spill beam area. With this change it would make a great light for a police officer or security personnel. The large hotspot makes illuminating something like a vehicle very effective! The hotspot covers a vehicle from bumper to bumper from just 15-20 away. Amazing. However, because of the large hotspot, this light does not "throw" light very far. A lower powered light with a more focused (smaller) hotspot would appear to put more light on those trees 50-60 yards away than the PD32 UE would. The light takes 2x C123A batteries and is about 5 1/4" long. It feels solid in the hand but is not too heavy. It also has the new push button selector on this model. Press and release to step through the various settings. Press and hold for 2 seconds and get strobe. Press and hold for 6 seconds and get SOS. I actually think the push button selector is a mistake that Fenix is making as well. The older style Fenix one would twist the bezel to go from turbo to low. Then press the tail cap to cycle from low to med to high then SOS. Strobe is accessed via the tail cap when the light is in turbo mode. I actually like the old system better. With the new push button style you can not easily access strobe (a P.O. might want to use this for disorienting a bad guy) and you can't change the level of lighting with the push button unless the light is on. With the old twist bezel you could go from turbo to low without having to turn the light on. I tend to be very picky about my lights and Fenix are really good ones in my opinion. If you are OK with issues I've outlined above then get this light! You will not be disappointed. I have one and it's a keeper.

  • @TheGuyWriting - Good story!

    Fluency is a well thought out story that kept my attention through most of the book and leaves itself open to some great sequel possibilities.

  • Amber Chewakin - These are DELICIOUS

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