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Queensland Public Hospitals Commission of Inquiry - The Queensland Public Hospitals Commission of Inquiry was commissioned by the Queensland Government to inquire into issues relating to any substantive allegations, complaints or concerns relating to the clinical practice and procedures conducted by Dr Jayant Patel and others at the Bundaberg Base Hospital.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 153.0215 Queensland, Australia

  • Dianna - L<3 ve It!

    I absolutely love it!!! I am still in the car seat stage so, I can't give it 5 stars yet. I do wish, however that the wheels were rubber and not foam. Even foam filled rubber wheels would be nice. And the basket can be hard to get a large diaper bag in and out of with the seat reclined / car seat attached. That being said, it was great buying a "Cadillac" type stroller for $100 less than my friend's, that still has all the bells and whistles! I would buy it again in a heart beat! (Or another mini heartbeat ;)

  • Amazon Customer - Mr. Coffee ECMP50 & I ... BFF (or as long as you last...)

    The reviews are right. Mr. Coffee has come through with the ECMP50! This very affordable machine makes an eye-opening cup of espresso. Other reviewers have summed up the product quite well, I just wanted to chime in with my support. As far as taking advantage of this appliance, read the advice of the other reviewers (especially K. Kreuger). Also read the instructions. They are short, simple and important. I haven't had a problem with leaking yet, and the tamp is flimsy as reported. Get rid of the black rubber tip on the frothing wand, and the single demitasse is too small to be practical. Other than that this unit is a beauty, and the espresso is de-lish! I am super pleased with my purchase.

  • Walt Parker - I got it! Yay... Opps, no Internet, no Play

    As I'm sure many, many people have lamented, I too am a victim of EA's punishing the legitimate buyer while the hackers thumb their collective nose at them.

  • Dizziey - Why some companies are great and some are not

    "Good to Great" by Jim Collins is all about transforming average companies to great companies. Collins and his research team selected eleven great companies and contrasted with their comparison companies (who they feel are average) to understand why some companies make the leap and some don't. The team discovered that to be a good to great company needs to have a Level 5 leadership. Level 5 leaders are leaders who are humble, fanatically driven, understand the need to produce sustained results and they set their successors for even greater success in the future. The leaders also understand the need to get the right people in their organization before figuring out where to drive it. As Collin puts it "First who, then what."

  • Abby_Wabby - It's Good!

    Great smoothie powder....I'm not doing it right because it doesn't come with recipes or a manual but the good thing is, I'm keeping the weight I lost off and I may even be losing more weight. Now, I just need to be consistent with it but I also get very hungry at night after my second smoothie....any ideas?

  • Dave Mobley - I will say that I liked the concept of it being able to run on ...

    I evaluated this product alongside of my verified known working glucose monitor that I will call my control unit:

  • locopenguin - I really like the show but would appreciate less cursing

    I really like the show but would appreciate less cursing, especially the F word. I almost quit watching the first episode because of the foul language, but stuck with it al the cursing is unnecessary to me.