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  • Cheri in Mississippi - Handy gadget to keep an eye on unwanted humidity.

    I have moisture inside the global of my bathroom ceiling light and water was dripping into my sink. After weeks of rain and hot,humid temps I guess everything had too much moisture build up. I don't always take a shower in there and it was still horrible. I bought a small bathroom dehumidifier and this monitor. I put it in the bathroom after I put the battery in and it immediately let me know the humidity was very high. If the little house in the left hand side says ok....you are good.....if there it nothing in the little house you are too humid. It does not have a back light but easy to see all the readings in regular light. It shows you high and low temp and humidity for, I think, the past 24 or 36 hours, along with the current readings. If you move it from one room to another it only takes a few minutes to sense the new room. I am really glad I bought this. The humidifier has no meter so I think these make a good pair.

  • Samina Aziz - Never Again

    I tried taking it a few times and not only felt very light headed and faint but found that the only other effect from it was that of a laxative.