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Common Food Allergies: Child Allergies & Common Allergies and Symptoms - Understand Common Food Allergies: Learn About Causes of Food Allergies, Intolerance, & Treatment For Allergy Symptoms

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  • Amazon Customer - ... and doesn't reap as much liquid as I would like but good enough for what it is

    Smaller than expected and doesn't reap as much liquid as I would like but good enough for what it is. Not happy I had to go out of my way to the post office as the shipper did not follow orders.

  • Jerry - By far best set of this type

    Son LOVED this for his birthday. I have seen and he has had other sets or eggs but this is by far the best set of this type a must get for any parent with a child who is interested in dinosaurs or archeology.

  • Alexander - Great

    Everything was fine. All issues are only related to post service. Product was well packed, a bit scratched box, but everything inside is fine