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  • Doug G. - You have to spend 20 min. on the phone with Intuit to get them to link it to your existing account . . . works well after that

    If you are purchasing this product to renew an existing or expired Enhanced Payroll subscription be advised you need to spend 20 minutes or more on the telephone with Intuit Payroll to get them to link the product into your Quickbooks account. I purchased this on Amazon because it is less expensive here than purchasing directly from Intuit, but if I had know it would require time on the phone with Intuit I would have just paid Intuit their higher fee and been done with it.

  • Big MIke - pretty good fit, but not exact

    I recently purchased these for my F-150. Overall I am very happy, however the fit is not exact, so it gets 4 stars. The black shows alot of dirt, but the color was my choice. Quality material, and I like how they cover the door panels on the floor. When I am hunting, or camping, it comes in handy, and easy to clean.

  • Reader - Worth a chest o' doubloons

    Arrr! Been finding meself in many a tight spot o' bother on the high seas and nearly entered Davey Jones' Locker more times than meself would like to remember, but thanks to this excellent fire in the hole I've been handsomely navigatin' me man-o-war to all the ports o' call in me fancy. Take it from an old salt like meself, this book is worth as much as a letter o' marque signed by the queen! Buy this book and ye won't be hornswaggled. Time to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, and thanks to me readin' of How to Avoid Huge Ships we'll be right hearty and shipshape.

  • Gramma - Not quite what I wanted and scratched too!

    The pan came with a small scratch in the center. I have used it once and it worked pretty well and cleaned up nicely. I was looking for something other than aluminum (causes Alzheimer's) and non-stick (causes cancer when heated). I wish I could have seen it first. I think it will be okay. Has a dip all around the edge and when I made oven fries, the oil gravitated to that low area. The potatoes cooked good anyway. Too much trouble to return it.

  • Philip Harris - Microsoft got this right

    As is consistent with other software releases from Microsoft for 2012 (Sql Server, etc.) this product is a winner and well worth the price of admission. It's light years ahead of VS 2010 and includes tools like LightSwitch and Blend that address the huge range of interfaces a developer has to deal with in day to day problem solving.

  • gripper - Three across the backseat fit perfectly!

    I have a Volvo XC70 and three small grandchildren. I owned Two Britax convertible carseats and one Britax infant carseat that just fit across the back seat. Now with the youngest graduating from his infant seat, getting three convertible carseats across the back seat was a challenge. I could not get another Britax convertible to fit with the two other carseats.After researching other carseats I found the Clek Fllo. It is smaller in width 16.9 " compared to other seats that are 19". I am able to get three of the Clek Fllo comfortably across the back seat. Even with the middle one rear facing. Very nice well made seats and easy to install. I wasn't sure I wanted to put out more money for three of these seats but I am glad I did. Well worth the money and much cheaper than having to buy a bigger vehicle. Probably the last carseats I will ever have to buy.