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    I like this product because it helps to maximize your appetite without changing anything at all it is effortless because you maybe want an extra slice of pizza at the end of the day, but you are not feeling stuffed all the time or outa control, it just enhances what you want/do a little and you can take two pills a day for maitenance, well worth the money cause it's the only product that safely works.

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    Do NOT give this company your financial information. I cancelled my 30 day trail after 7 days, returned the unused portion, and they still charged me! My bank has marked them as fraud so that they are unable to illegally charge me again. Thank goodness that I retained the email of cancellation; otherwise, I would of been out $189.00.

  • Reviewdini - Smelly, read for detail.

    Personally, I hate this. But I'm biased. I hate scents. However... we purchased this because we decided to make our own baby wipes and solution. This was great for that. A little oil helps treat the bottom and keep it soft and smooth, and while this stuff smells very strongly, you aren't using more than 2 drops in the whole solution, so it dilutes and doesn't smell as bad.

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    Works great! Very large volume base for water and oils, which allows it to go for a long time. Fills our living room that has a vaulted ceiling. Very good product.

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    I started tanning 2 months before a tropical vacation and I didn't want to use those junky chemical accelerator products so I purchased this. I am very fair skinned and want expecting to have the beautiful deep dark, even and natural looking tan that I did! The product works very quickly and now having stopped tanning for 5 weeks, my tan is just now starting to really fade. I love this product!!!!!!

  • JReppy - Who really controls the presidential candidates??

    This was an interesting and enjoyable political and psychological thriller. The plot is an homage to "The Manchurian Candidate", with China playing the villain instead of Communist Russia. The star of the book is Erica Sparks, a hard-hitting journalist for GNN (the Google News Network) with the #1 rated news show on TV and a penchant for getting herself into dangerous situations. It is presidential election season and she is trying to angle a slot as a debate moderator to help raise her profile even further. She meets Senator Mike Ortiz, one of the Democrat candidates, and his wife Celeste, before a primary debate. Even considering his history of being kidnapped and tortured by Al Qaeda and then miraculously escaping, there is something about Senator Ortiz that seems "off" to Erica. When Senator Ortiz' primary challenger is killed by a bomb outside the site of the debate and in front of Erica, the Ortiz family, other media, and members of the public and no group claims responsibility and the bomber appears to have no motive for his actions, Erica becomes more curious about the Ortiz family and Senator Ortiz' strange affect/demeanor. Her search leads her deeper and deeper into a mystery and places family, friends, and sources at risk, but she feels compelled to keep on digging and learn the truth.