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Operacional - Brazilian magazine specializing in Defense and Public Safety. Operacional Magazine is considered the leading magazine of Brazil and is written by specialist

  • http://www.revistaoperacional.com.br/2016/exercito/1-esquadrao-de-cavalaria-leve-celebra-o-dia-do-soldado-com-acao-educativa/ Operacional - Trabalho em equipe, hierarquia, disciplina e espírito de corpo. São estes valores raros em nossa sociedade, mas tão caros ao Exército Brasileiro, que o 1°
  • http://www.revistaoperacional.com.br/2016/exercito/serra-gaucha-celebra-o-dia-da-infantaria-no-19o-bi-mtz/ Operacional - No dia 24 de maio foi realizada, no 19º Batalhão de Infantaria Motorizado – “Batalhão da Serra”, a Festa Regional da Infantaria, uma atividade promovida pelo
  • http://www.revistaoperacional.com.br/2016/exercito/amam-celebra-a-festa-da-cavalaria/ Operacional - No dia 10 de maio, o Exército Brasileiro comemora o dia da Arma de Cavalaria. A data marca o nascimento do Marechal Manuel Luis Osório, um dos maiores heróis
  • http://www.revistaoperacional.com.br/2016/historia-2/o-martir-esquecido/ Operacional - Rio de Janeiro, manhã de sábado, 21 de abril de 1792. Às onze horas e vinte minutos, depois de penosa caminhada, sob um sol rigoroso, pelas principais ruas do
  • http://www.revistaoperacional.com.br/2016/corpo-de-fuzileiros-navais/adest-bld-poeira-em-valenca/ Operacional - Entre os dias 28 de março e 5 de abril de 2016, o Batalhão de Blindados de Fuzileiros Navais (BtlBldFuzNav) realizou na cidade de Valença, sul do Rio de
  • http://www.revistaoperacional.com.br/2016/forca-aerea/colegio-brigadeiro-newton-braga-celebra-o-dia-das-criancas-2/ Operacional - O Colégio Brigadeiro Newton Braga, instituição de ensino de referência do III Comando Aéreo Regional, realizou hoje sua tradicional festa em celebração ao dia
  • http://www.revistaoperacional.com.br/2016/exercito/museu-militar-conde-de-linhares-celebra-18-anos/ Operacional - Há 18 anos, no dia 12 de outubro, o tradicional bairro de São Cristóvão passou a contar com mais um museu em seu rico inventário: o Museu Militar Conde de

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  • Tomster - Stubby

    Works great. Looks great. Easy to swap out for OEM antenna. Now I can use my car cover without worrying about the antenna.

  • Kelly - ... purchasing argan oil I had been looking for a good hair product for when I straightened my hair forever

    Before purchasing argan oil I had been looking for a good hair product for when I straightened my hair forever. I have 2b/c hair and it is very prone to frizz. I had tried countless products before this one. This one is amazing! I have been using it since 2012 and just realized I've never reviewed it. It takes away all the frizz in my hair and leaves it smooth and shiny (but in a way that looks nice, not greasy). My hair has also looked a lot healthier since I started using it and I find it extremely moisturizing. A little goes a long way -- I've been using this bottle since 2012.

  • N. Ward - Nice Elliptical

    I have had this for about one month now. Put several miles on it using the ramp feature and have had no problems. Has a little bit different feel from the Precor in the gym because the ramp is from behind but I like that because the muscles get used a little different. It was a little time consuming putting it together but the intructions were easy to understand. For anyone who orders I suggest it be delivered to the room you want to use it in. It can be moved once it is put together by rolling it on the front wheels. However you will need a lot of room for turns and forget about trying to get it up stairs. One other note, the easiest setting may still be a little to much for someone who is extremely out of shape. Compared to the the Precors at the gym level one on the Sole is about equal to level 5 or six on the Precor.

  • Julia - It made my hair oily and sticky, I tired ...

    It made my hair oily and sticky, I tried to wash my hair after that THREE TIMES and still it looks oily! This is nit a miracle this was a disaster...

  • Faraday - An instant classic. Needs to be in your rotation.

    One of the best, if not THE best, rap album of 2014. J. Cole fuses deeply complex lyrics with more soulful R&B-type hits. From the incredibly sharp "Fire Squad" and "No Role Modelz" to the brutally honest "03' Adolescence" and "Love Yourz", J. Cole's rhymes range from the state of hip hop today to the difficulties of growing up. J. Cole's use of horns and strings on "Hello" and "G.O.M.D." are fantastic and elevating. Many of his tracks eschew the glamorizing of hip hop lifestyle to focus on a more positive and values-based message.

  • Kentaro - Amazing!

    So far, this has really helped my acne to go away. I currently am still using this and hoping it will. The only thing that i don't like is the fact it doesn't foam up when i'm scrubbing it which makes it so I have to use more, but the results are worth it!

  • Melissa - Pretty good watch for the $$$$$$

    It's hard to for me to pay a minimum of $260 for an Apple Watch. I thought I'd give this one a try. So far no problems whatsoever. Even if I only get 6 months out of it I would still be happy and buy another. With my job, I was afraid I may hit the face of the Watch doing things at work and I would be mad to scratch or break the screen. Hope this helps. It's heavily built not the cheap material you'd expect. Hope this helps. It also come with a screen protector on it plus an extra one. Speaker works good to talk on as long as you're not in a lot of noisy area. Take care of it and hopefully it'll last along time.