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RicardoOrlandini.net - Informa e faz pensar - Home - RicardoOrlandini.net informa e faz pensar, é destaque na opinião de colunistas, notícias, esportes, hoje na história, fatos do dia, vídeclipes e o Programa PontoNet de Porto Alegre.

  • http://www.ricardoorlandini.net/comentarios/ver RicardoOrlandini.net - Informa e faz pensar - Comentários - O Bêbado e a Equilibrista - O Bêbado e a Equilibrista - Caía a tarde feito um viaduto, e um bêbado trajando luto, me lembrou Carlitos... Talvez alguns não lembrem ou não conheçam esses versos imortalizados na canção “O Bêbado e a…
  • http://www.ricardoorlandini.net/comentarios/ver/56839/deus-e-o-cliente RicardoOrlandini.net - Informa e faz pensar - Comentários - Deus e o cliente - Deus e o cliente - Não é a primeira nem será a última vez que toco em um tema que as empresas prestadoras de serviço no Brasil, em especial as ditas operadoras de telefonia ou TV à Cabo, não possuem a sensibilidade necessária…

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  • bookish - Easy installation reasonable price

    Easy install, saved money compared to taking it to shop for replacement. Overall, highly recommend. I compared stock light to replacement and they are identical except for different color windshield washer nozzle which makes no difference to me.

  • K Meeder - Comprehensive Revit Resource

    I have found that this series is a tremendous resource beyond what is available on blogs or from other book authors. The book is incredibly comprehensive, making it an excellent tool within in the office. The chapter on concept design and sustainability has many tools and tips for optimizing your model for quantities needed for LEED. As with its previous versions, there are tips for every skill level.

  • joe520 - Good software, slimy way for Intuit to get more money and hide the cost

    "Enhanced Payroll...Easily Pay Employees" is written in bold on the front of the package but only in the fine print on the back of the package does it say you have to pay extra for more than three employees....and then it doesn't say how much you have to pay until you've already invested some time in the product.

  • NanaB - Great quality for the price!

    The quality has been much better than expected. My dog is comfortable and loves his new dog house. A dog bed pad fits perfectly into the house, and keeps our old dog comfortable.

  • Vaz TV - Bargain software

    I have bought this product for several years now--it's a good software but I still get some viruses. I don't know if there is a antivirus software that's 100% safe---if anyone knows, let me know. I always buy this from Amazon, the auto renewal from the developer is about 3x more expensive.

  • Peggy Mooney - Going Anywhere with a Rick Steve's Guide is a must!

    I am a travel agent and always have to research the counties I take clients to and I use Rick's book for that. I feel I can always trust what he suggests in hotels and restaurants.