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The Raymond John Wean Foundation - The Raymond John Wean Foundation is empowered residents creating a healthy, vibrant and economically stable Mahoning Valley with equal opportunity for all.

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  • Tony - Great set

    I was looking for a nice set of blackhead removers and I came across this set by Dermatique, So I ordered them and when they came in I used them right away! I love this set there is so many tool that you can use that helps to get even the hardest blackheads out. I love all the options that this set gives you! It also comes with a nice little case for you to be able to keep all the items neat and clean. Way to go dermatique for such a great set of blackhead removers I would recommend this item to anyone looking for an item like this! I will be using this set a lot!

  • Little Willie - Dependable

    Been using Tax Cut/H&R Block for years. Used to its layout and flow. Some areas could be better designed but it does what I need it to do.

  • Amazon Customer - and can't claim better focus or memory

    Ran through a 30 count, and can't claim better focus or memory. Not sure if there is a 'build up period' (as in you need 2 months worth before you feel increase focus/memory), but 30 pills taken as directed did not provide me any noticeable changes.

  • Full Afterburner - I have the need, the need for speed.... and this book

    I grew up watching Top Gun and knew from an early age what my calling was. People in high school made fun of me for wearing the traditional jeans and dog tag combo but those nah-sayers knew nothing about what I was going to be. So, like so many before me, I went to school, received my commission, and entered into the fierce dogfight of flight school where I would earn my wings of gold and earn the marks that would land me in the cockpit of our nations greatest jet aircraft ever, the F/A-18E. Some of my classmates washed out, it's a rigorous process, but I stayed focused so I could avoid flying those decrepit old P-3s or dirty helos. Whenever I had an instructor try to give me low grades I would rip open my shirt and show him the golden wings tattooed on my freshly waxed chest. How dare anyone stand in the way of the worlds next triple ace? If that failed I would recite lines from Top Gun, Gladiator, and 300 until he gave me the highest grades possible for the flight. "Are you not entertained!!! IP???" would usually be my finishing line. Yeah, maybe I made up my own emergency procedures and instrument approaches but Kelly McGillis in Top Gun said that Maverick had real talent and genius for not following the standard procedures and I want to be just like him. I never cared much for formation flying, to be honest I never had a wingman that could keep up. I still am searching for my Iceman, look for my ad on craigslist. When my NSS was posted I was the top of my class thanks to this book. I jumped on my motorcycle and headed straight to Lemoore to strap myself into the fastest piece of rocket science I had ever laid eyes on. I trained the way I wanted to fight and the way I knew my sprit totem (Bald Eagle) would want me to fight. I am currently awaiting orders to fly into harms way and shoot down some rogue MiGs over the high seas. This book helped me get to where I am today. I left off one star because it didn't address how to drown out the sound of how awesome I am when I am trying to sleep at night.

  • Paul Roche - Not ready for primetime

    I downloaded it and it was fine, but then I downloaded the R5 patch and I could no longer use the product. I followed their guidelines to fix it, but no luck. I gave up and restored my 2012 version. I think they have a nerve releasing something like this while not supporting their oldest versions. I LOVE QB and Quicken in general, but this really left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Realtor - Works good and smells great!

    This was in our condo at the resort. The second day I shampooed and conditioned my hair, I noticed it felt very silky. I couldn't wait to get home to order it. I've just noticed my hair has a tendency to be straight and doesn't hold curls as long after using the curling iron.

  • Rudy Rivers Jr. - Welcome Mat

    Installed the mat on my car and have had comments on its appearance! Nice upgrade for your vehicle !