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  • lluera - Best Shampoo ever

    I couldn't be happier. This shampoo leaves your hair so clean and shiny and stays clean. It is also a huge bottle so it really is very economical. I will be buying this shampoo only for now on. It even has a nice scent.

  • Gail - Only thing that works for Rust stains

    I have tried all the various products on the market but this is the only one that actually almost instantly removes rust. I use it often in my washer as a booster/whitener when doing white clothes because some rust seems to come into the water regardless (I have a filtering system); I have well water and I hate it. You have to be careful with the product and do not inhale it. Smells awful. Does not remove "circle rust stains" that develop in your toilet after a while, though. Really works best on materials like clothes, shower curtain, etc.