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Country:, South America, BR

City: -49.2667 Parana, Brazil

  • Mike S - Great software !

    This is great software. I used it to create a inventory of my coin collection. The US section is spectacular. After doing my US collection I tried to do my German coin collection. I found the Other countries to be almost useless. I gave this software 5 stars because most people are interested in the US section.

  • Techno-Mom - Works very well if you KEEP IT MOIST

    Works very well if you KEEP IT MOIST. Put enough on to soak the spot, then cover it so fibers do not dry out before 48 hours have passed. I put a bowl or plate upside down over the spot. Imagine little critters working on eating the pee stain that die if you don't keep them moist...

  • Dameka - My new favorite couple 😍

    Let me just start off by saying that Nicole Jackson is one of the best authors out there! (Tell me otherwise and we might have to fight😂) When she releases a book, you know for a fact that you'll be getting 300+ pages. I have series from different authors on my kindle and it takes 4 of their books to compare to 1 of Nicole's books...let that sink in. This book was everything from start to finish. I laughed, cried, and laughed some more. Wale is BAE...but he and Key are definitely meant for each other.lol You get to see Keyasia in a totally different light. She's still hilarious but you'll also see the softer, more emotional side. (It's the Wiltz D😂) Thanks for another great book Nicole!! I'll forever be a loyal reader. Whenever you drop a book, I'm 1-clicking regardless of the cost.

  • Guy Bennett - Essential

    My daughter is preparing to take her ACT in March. She used this book to prepare for the practice test last November at her school. This revealed her weak areas so she could focus on doing better in those areas. She scored well enough to get into a University with tougher requirements than the ones she is thinking about. This book has a great structure and approach to studying for the ACT. As a parent, it helped me to remember how scary this test was when I took it many years ago. After reading it, I am now better able to guide my daughter in her studies. I wish I had this book back in the day. Clear points, structured learning, get this book!

  • Ocelot - Seems excellent for what it is

    Just used it to Plasti-Dip my car's grill. Seems excellent for what it is. I like the four-finger trigger. It grips the can tightly enough that you can shake the can vigorously using only the grip, not touching the can. I don't think it'll come off unless you want it to.

  • gussie,08,11,1981 - didnt work

    it arrived two days after i ordered it.ive had it for like two months.ive got crystals,candles all that hasnt moved except when i move it myself.i was thinking of getting another kind of board but i figured it would be a waste of money.i like how it glowsthough.but its better nothing to happened than to be terrorized by a demon ready to drag you to hell or whatever everyone warns you against.havent done it much with others except with my sister and she was moving it.shes the type to do stuff like that.i mostly by myself.

  • Coach KG - Great Home Theater Demo Flick

    The "2012" plot was so-so. However, the special effects were great. The ~5 minute scene in LA where the earthquake is alluded will make a surround sound home theater come to life (like War of the Worlds, How to Train Your Dragon, Avatar, etc.). Woody Harrelson has a short but funny part.