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Sancus Solutions - The UK’s largest dedicated investigation skills training company. - Sancus Solutions aim to deliver training products which meet your needs at competitive rates. We have a team of dedicated and experienced people who will work

  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/family-liaison-officer-training/ Family Liaison Officer Training | Sancus Solutions - Sancus training delivers the skills and knowledge required in the critical role of Family Liaison Officer. Call us for more information 01772 282800
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/advanced-road-death-investigation-course/ Advanced Road Death Investigation | Sancus Solutions - Serious Collision Investigation demands knowledge, experience and professionalism, our scenario based course allows SIO's to develop the required techniques
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/reviewing-road-death-investigations/ Reviewing Road Death Investigations | Sancus Solutions - The course provides delegates with a structure to carry out an investigation review, identify missed opportunities, good practice and make case
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/police-misconduct-meetings-and-hearings/ Police Misconduct Meetings and Hearings | Sancus Solutions - With ongoing legislative change this is a good time to take stock of your framework and ensure that it delivers the best possible outcomes in a timely manner.
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/accountable-officers-training/ Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer Training | Sancus Solutions - Two day Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer Training course. Comprehensive & up to date. For accountable officers & support staff. Call 01772 282800.
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/courtroom-skills-training/ Courtroom Skills Training | Professional & expert witness training | Sancus Solutions - Courtroom Skills Training. Prepares professional & expert witnesses required to give evidence in court or at a tribunal/ hearing. Call 01722 282800
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/courtroom-skills-for-healthcare-professionals/ Court Room Skills for Healthcare Professionals | Sancus Solutions - Courtroom Skills training will thoroughly prepare healthcare professionals for giving evidence as a professional or expert witness in tribunals and courts.
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/criminal-procedure-and-investigations-act/ Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act | Sancus Solutions - Sancus CPIA training provides students with the knowledge to fulfil specific duties according to the CPIA, guidelines, common law and the Disclosure Manual
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/enhanced-investigative-interviewing-skills/ Investigative Interview Skills Training| | Sancus Solutions - Investigative interview skills training. Reduce risk to your business/organisation by learning how to hold fair thorough investigative interviews.

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  • Christie Cereshko - Perfect for our 2015 4Runner

    These were a prefect fit for our 2015 4Runner. So happy we decided to get them before winter, they completely saved our fabric mats and kept the interior clean for spring.

  • Home Hunter 808 - Does not play nice with Acrobat 9

    Installing Office 2010 required purchase of Acrobat X Pro in order to get the integration I was used to with Office 2007 and Acrobat 9 Pro. Neither Acrobat nor Microsoft had an update or an easy work-around.

  • Jennie Hoop - Nice result !

    I found this at home depot, and thought it would be a nice middle ground between the navy Formica I have and the granite I want. I'm an impulse person, or I would have bought it from amazon, but I did come on and read the reviesw before I started. Good thing. I bought a 30' kit and have almost 30' of countertops, so I went back and got another kit. You do use way more base coat than you think. Layer it on good! I did my whole kitchen in two days with only a couple of places that I'm not happy with. They look tons better than they did and for $300 plus two days of "exercise" I'm very happy. I did watch the instructional video several times as I went along to make sure I was doing it right. I did remove the painters tape after the chips dried and then re- taped before I did the top coat, just because the chips coat was really thick and I didn't want to add to that. I only had the treatment peel up on one edge when I pulled off the final tape. Wish I could post photos. Really does look good! And I did it by myself!

  • Christina - Good glue

    Holds up fantastically but for those that are new to it, be advised that the glue does expand as it dries so don't use too much. It also takes like two hours to truly harden so don't use it as if it's super glue and fast drying. I would also use gloves to be on the safe side and ensure it doesn't get on your hands.