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  • HottiTati - Great cream for sun damaged skin

    Love this stuff. Been using it on my chest after so much sun damage I've done. I use it along with a glycolic peel. Been working great. Keep in mind it takes 28 days to completely renew your skin so be patient!

  • MEDUSZA666 - RhinoShield is a great brand that is known for creating products that can ...

    RhinoShield is a great brand that is known for creating products that can take a beating when protecting your mobile devices. I purchased this for my iPhone 7 plus because I wanted something that offered more protection from shattering my screen than a tempered glass screen protector that is more or less just putting another piece of glass over your phone's glass screen which can be shattered or chipped also if dropped. The plastic screen protector looks great when applied correctly and the screen protector does not interfere with the phone's viewing clarity. My only issue with this product so far is that installation was a little difficult and requires some patience/precision, specifically aligning the camera cutout on your phone because if not done perfectly it can create a noticeable glare on your front facing camera created from wherever the screen protector overlaps the camera's lens. But unlike other screen protectors reapplication is doable and it can be done multiple times without damaging the screen protector or the adhesiveness of it until you get the cutouts to align perfectly, such as in my case when installing it on my phone. Overall, I am really satisfied with this product and I am confident it can hold it's own against drops and provide the best protection for my iPhone's glass screen.

  • Shoe Person - Insightful and awesomely written

    What a great read. I love how he communicates with his investors. It is also an excellent learning in how to do business and how investment works.

  • tim barnes - Easy install. took 15 minutes

    Easy install. took 15 minutes. looks great. I was worried after I first ordered it & realized it said it was gonna take a month & a half to receive it but, it showed up in about a week & a half later via express mail. I have yet to see anyone else with it in my area. it's a great unique look

  • Tollers - Overall the product looks like it might be an improvement

    Finally decided to upgrade from my 5 year old Edge 800 to this new Edge 820. So far my opinions are mixed. Overall the product looks like it might be an improvement, but has some niggling faults. I cannot recommend buying one at this moment

  • Catherine - Highly Recommend For Those Who Have Mildew Issues Or Do Not Have Enogh Storage Space

    I had never used vacuum space saver bags. I honestly didn't know they were available. I have only vacuum sealed foods. Due to circumstances, there are 5 of us living in a two bedroom home. Needless to say, room is limited, right down to closet space. I purchased these in hopes that I could store some items and have more space. When I opened the box I was surprised at the sizes of the bags that were included. I didn't read that part of the product description that well. Included is 4 - 21.5" x 33.5", 4 - 18" x 22.5", 3 - 26.5" x 39.5", 2 - 18" x 22.5", and 1-13.5" x 19.5" suitcase small travel roll up bag. I realized quickly that whatever I needed to store there was a good possibility I would have the size I needed. I stored winter blankets, clothing, and toys. My husband used one to store items in the garage. I have bags left to store more when I have more time to do so. We live in an older home and moisture gets in real easily. I worry a lot about mildew. Now I no longer have to worry about mildew. This is awesome for me. These bags seal very easily and well. The zippers operate smoothly with no sticking. The pump is easy to use also. I found it works better to do a half of a pump at a time instead of a complete one. I received this/these product/s at a discounted price. I am under no obligation to write a review. The choice was purely my own and I received no additional compensation. It is my hope that this review will help other customers to make an informative decision on their possible upcoming purchase. Also, I hope it will supply important information to the seller to understand any possible existing problems with this product. Everything I have written is my own personal opinion and is based on the quality, performance, and experience I had while use of this product. Feel free to ask me any questions about my review or the product. I will be more than happy to answer to the best of my knowledge.

  • Joan F - NO savings! Bummed!

    I bought this thing because I was tired of paying for seltzer. I hoped there would be a savings and per the product specifications I believed I would get a savings eventually. NOT! The 60L carbonators barely last a month and I am making less than than 1 bottle per day. The refills cost about $20 (with tax/shipping) so each bottle of carbonated water costs about 75 cents... more that the cost of the a liter of plain seltzer at the supermarket. Yes, I do not have to carry home the soda, and yes, this is a green product. BUT the product description is false. The carbonators do not fill 60 bottles of more. NO WAY! I am not doing it wrong, it's just a lie. I may put the thing in the garbage.