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Cardiology Associates of Savannah | Heart Doctors | St. Joseph's/Candler - Cardiology Associates of Savannah focus on the care of patients with heart disease requiring medical and or surgical interventions.

  • http://www.savannahheartdoctors.com/cardiology-associates-of-savannah/cardiology-services/about-cardiology-associates About Us | Cardiology Associates of Savannah | St. Joseph's/Candler - Cardiology Associates of Savannah is the longest-serving cardiology practice in Savannah and is staffed by Board Certified cardiologists.
  • http://www.savannahheartdoctors.com/cardiology-associates-of-savannah/cardiology-services/tavr Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement | St. Joseph's/Candler - Minimally-invasive valve replacement with the innovative Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement procedure
  • http://www.savannahheartdoctors.com/cardiology-associates-of-savannah/cardiology-services/in-office-services Cardiology Office Services | Savannah Cardiology Associates | Halter Monitor | EKG | St. Joseph's/Candler - There are several tests that can be administered to determine your heart’s health. Many can be done right in our offices for your convenience.
  • http://www.savannahheartdoctors.com/cardiology-associates-of-savannah/cardiology-services/hospital-services Cardiology Hospital Services | Savannah Cardiology Associates | Stent | Catheterization | St. Joseph's/Candler - The physicians at Savannah Cardiology Associates perform certain procedures in the hospital.

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  • Dr.Mike - hair hair hair

    Just like my review of the the vinegar nutritive rinse. this product has slowed the natural thinning that comes with age. I've used it for 3 years now and my hairdresser remarked that my hair was looking healthy and thicker over the long term.

  • Diane Bradbury - Beautiful case that is stylish

    Beautiful case that is stylish, holds my id and a couple credit cards and seems like it should handle more that just protection against a scratch or a bump. I really love this case. The magnetic opening for card storage is a new feature for me. The case is built solid and the closure snaps back easily and securely. The openings are all in the right places and access for the charger is not hindered in any way. The case only costs a few more bucks than some of the cheaper ones, but really looks great and gets the job done and then some. This is a great case and I highly recommend it.

  • April Oropeza - LOVE IT

    I saw this oil at my local health food store and tested it. It felt AMAZING! My best friend has the same product and highly recommended it. I double this as a hair serum and it leaves my hair soft and looking healthy.

  • navyblue - Terrible for green smoothies - okay for soups and regular smoothies

    I started making green smoothies about a month ago using the basic blender that came with my Bosch machine. It's a small blender, but it handled the smoothies fine as long as I blended the greens and liquid first, and added fruit (frozen and non) a little at a time. It blended to a very smooth consistency and we were so pleased we decided to upgrade to a nicer, larger blender so we could make a larger amount.

  • dee rogers - Love these!!

    I love these deep conditioning hair packs. Since they come individually packaged, you have the perfect amount for your hair. They also include a hair cap with each treatment. I like to wear it and sleep in it all night long. Great for a really deep deep condition!!

  • StubbyKayandthe Stubbettes - Glad it's not my nickname

    My wife and I purchased this antenna for her 2012 Equinox. We are kayakers and one of our kayaks is a 14.5 ft. tandem. When it is on the roof rack, it extends over the radio antenna. The original equipment antenna was a bizarre looking - long length, old-fashioned antenna that interferred with the bottom of the kayak. The "Stubby Antenna" solves the problem when using our Thule Roof Top Kayak Carrier. The Stubby also appears to have no negitive affect on the Sirius/XM radio reception. I would recommend this product to others.

  • Biscuit Face - I find that so often, people scream the loudest ...

    I find that so often, people scream the loudest about politics that they champion not because they truly believe in what they're saying, but in order to reinforce their own view because of an intense amount of self-doubt.