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  • The Wise Old Owl - Found This Posted For A Zoo Review In A Massachusetts City On Trip Advisor

    The last time I was there the monkeys were masturbating and squirting in their cages. It was enough to make me want to return the following day. I was starting to get into this and didn't want to miss a single shot. They put targets up in the cages for them to shoot at. The smaller monkeys were having difficulty reaching the target, the large gorillas were bulls eyeing it every time. In fact they literally covered the entire target. There were bananas there that one could feed them. I was watching people hand the bananas to them and they wouldn't eat them. They would take them and rub their hand up and down on it then throw is back out of their cage. The gorilla actually took his banana and inserted it into his bottom then threw it, quite hard, back at the woman. It was interesting as the gorilla was left handed and the banana had quite a curve to it. Then, a young guy handed the gorilla a tube of something called Veet. The gorilla unscrewed the top and squeezed some of the gel out then smelled it. Apparently the odor was acceptable to him as he promptly rubbed some of the stuff on his dong. Then, squeezed out some more and rubbed it all over his coconuts. About 10 minutes passed and he let out this ear shattering howl, fell over spread eagled and howled again. I swore that I could see smoke coming out of his dong. Anyway, he ran into his house and was still in there two days later with ice packs that the zoo keepers had given him to keep on his private parts that were, by the way, completely bald by now and resembled a Frank Perdue chicken. I wondered about this Veet stuff so I Googled it and ultimately ended up on Amazon reading reviews about this "hair remover gel for men". One person likened it to "napalms first cousin" and another claimed he prepared himself ahead of time by needing "crime scene tape" across his bathroom door. Another review stated that it was "great for negroes". He stated that his boyfriend commented that he was so smooth that after performing the "dirty deed" he didn't have any scratches on his dongle. This stuff is rated 5 stars and has fantastic reviews so I purchased a tube to try for myself. I'll let you know how this turns out in another post after I purchased a football helmet, straight jacket, mouthpiece, stretcher, duct tape (for my mouth) and a yo yo.

  • G. J. Howes - Good quality and really easy to fit

    As genuine Mopar accessories, these are the usual good quality and really add to the look of your Jeep. Best is they are so easy to fit. If you like chrome, you gotta get them!

  • Regina F. Love - Very fast so far. I have only owned HP ...

    Very fast so far. I have only owned HP but the last HP only lasted 1 1/2 year and went through 2 Hard drives and finally died...Calling HP is pointless ...Asus is so willing to help which is why I ended up going with them. So far I am loving this!

  • Jen Quintana - Best soap ever made!

    This soap is by far the best soap I have ever used I will be buying more but the price is a bit high for how small the bars are but for how amazing it works I don't mind the cost my skin feels so much better and not so itchy and it surprisingly moisturized my skin nicely. I definitely recommend that you try this for any skin issues such as eczema or contact dermatitis it's amazing and soothing. Also shopping only took two days.

  • ks2dice - Great Product!

    Bought these to use at the beach. Love the customer service and humorous emails that were sent for this product. It is nice to see a company really care their product and how you like it. These fit my iPhone 6s perfectly and with the case still on. The closing mechanism works very well to keep your phone sealed in. I like the lanyard that comes with it also, seems strong. Looking forward to taking pictures in the ocean with them!

  • Amazon Customer - A good story with a good lesson

    I bought this book as a reference for a Six Sigma course I'm teaching. The story is interesting. It's not John Grisham writing, but it's still a good read. It's purpose is to teach the lesson of looking for bottlenecks and sub-processes that can slow down the effectiveness of the overall system. It does that well.

  • barbkeeling - 100 Fun Stories for kids 4-8

    This is a collection of really "odd" stories for kids. Nice short reads, and very to the point. But they somehow seem odd in their contents. Some seem to end suddenly. Like "the animal fell in the mud and broke its legs". Of course I am a grown up so maybe I am trying to read more into the story than needs be. Have found the stories fun. Very worth while purchase however. Right length for a good bedtime or anytime read. It is totally a fab buy great value for the amount of stories. barbk