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    What’s up my Amazon Health & Fitness Family, it’s me your boy Hardbody. For those of you who have not read or seen any of my reviews, I am Certified Master Trainer for over 20 years & I have many certifications, one of which is a certification in supplementation, so because of my years of knowledge and dedication in helping people achieve healthier lives through exercise & nutrition, is the reason why I do these reviews... in hopes I can help someone, even if that is just one.

  • Amazon Customer - but very pleased with it

    As other reviewers have said, it takes a little getting used to, but very pleased with it. Until now, I have used clippers and would take me about 20 minutes to trim my own back with a lot of tricky angles. I bought this thinking I'd use it in the shower, but actually found it easy to use dry with the mirrors help. Easy to replace blades and I didn't itch at all. If you keep up on it, it should be no big deal. So far so good. I'm curious how long it will last. Very pleased so far.

  • Amanda Liew - Air it out under a vent first

    The instructions tell you to turn it on for 5-10 minutes first to release something - I had to do it much longer than that, and almost returned it when I thought the smell would never go away. You might see some white/grey wisps and a burning plastic smell for a while. After a few tries, though, the hot plate works like a charm. It boils water fairly quickly and so far has suited my needs. I don't cook full dinners on it by any means, but it's a good stove top to have around for smaller things. I am also pleased because it cools down faster than I expected.

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    These always do a great job of keeping my oil clean between my 6k oil changes. The 1" nut is a great benefit for my MOPARs

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    This one is one of the nicest teas I have had. I am from India so have tried a lot of teas and concoctions and this tastes good and makes me feel nice and relaxed.

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    This refrigerator water filter by Crystala is a great option for those of us that want to keep our water purified, but don't want to face the big price tag of the replacement filters by the big name brands. This filter fits into my refrigerator perfectly. I was worried that it might be a little off or ill fitting due to it being an aftermarket replacement part, but that was not the case. My water is just as clean as usual and I am happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend these water filters to others that are looking for an affordable way to maintain their refrigerator water filter systems.

  • Stephanie Jones - Just stick with exercise and good food.

    After just a few days I developed a large neck rash and severe constipation. I was excited to do this but these 2 health issues have me concerned and looking through the reviews the neck rash is common, as well as the constipation. I am going to throw everything away...bummer. Just stick with exercise and good food.