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  • Dominique Sotelo - Best OTC remedy hands down, bar none

    I have had a life long experience with dealing with poison oak. I used to be highly allergic to poison oak. For the record EVERYONE is allergic to poison oak/ivy/sumac to a certain degree. As kid I used to get it on one area of my body and it would spread to my entire body in a day or two. I have gotten poison oak multiple times even when I personally never had been in the woods or brush, but I would get it from other people or pets. My entire arms have been entirely covered in blisters from the armpit clear down to my hands, and the sores would ooze and my clothes would be come glued to my skin. One time wearing a long sleeve shirt and a jacket, even my jacked got glued to me because of the amount of ooze present. I had to take a shower with my shirt and jacket on it get them off. As an adult I have built up some immunity to poison oak so although I am still highly allergic, it doesn't take over my system like it used to. I say all of this to support my extensive experience suffering from poison oak. In fact right now I have a patch of it that I am battling. Of course prednisone is the best treatment for it. That's why I usually keep some in reserve, to take when I need it, and save a trip to the doctor. But do you know that prednisone can kill your hip joint in like 1 out of every 20,000 people? Ask your doctor about it. I have used cortisone, calamine, technu ect, none of these work with a severe case of poison oak. I am here to say that Zanfel is the ONLY over the counter product that will provide immediate relief from itch and lasts for about 3 hours. So I would get through the day and use Zanfel right before bed so I could get to sleep. This product speeds up the natural healing, unlike any other product. I know from many times over experience using it, and not using. If I don't use Zanfel my rash will be around for about 15 days. With Zanfel, it usually dried up and becomes not itchy any more in about 5 days. This is without going to the doctor, and no prednisone. Zanfel is worth EVERY penny, but if you expect it to magically erase your poison oak instantly, well you are going to be very disappointed. So why am I writing this review? Well I just moved to a new house on a wooded three acre plot, that unfortunately has poison oak on it, and I CAN'T FIND MY ZANFEL! So I came to amazon to buy some more. I read the reviews that only gave Zanfel 1 star, and I feel so convicted by it that I had to write a review sharing my account of how effective Zanfel is.

  • Tammy D. - Does it work????

    I am on my second bottle of IsoSensuals Butt Cream and I really like it. The smell is good, and I can see my butt getting plumper. I do think you see a faster result if you squat while using it. I've never had a big butt I was always teased about my size but now I get compliments. If you are wondering if it works the answer is YES!!!

  • Brittany - Good product

    I like this face mask. It smells nice and leaves my skin feeling soft. I used it everyday for a week and never experienced any of the symptoms others seem to post about. It depends on skin types so just keep in mind when people are ranting about having a reaction that we aren't all going to have the same experience. Know your skin.

  • Lina - Many disappointments: Flimsy band. Lost the first MOOV NOW on my second run. Second MOOV NOW will not sync.

    I ordered two MOOV NOWs because I wanted a tracker that tracks more than just step movements, like the more varied movements you do at a bootcamp.

  • Elle Emme - Must have for ugly feet...

    So my giant size 9.5 feet were looking rough. My last pedicure? Well, it didn't touch the callouses and dead skin... I swear I was ready to take the power sander out of my husband's shop and go at my heels, it was THAT bad...

  • Daisygirl67us - Horrible I burn my head & hand it gets way ...

    Horrible I burn my head & hand it gets way to hot burns your hair off I wish I would of never buy this

  • J. Stanley - Great for lip balm

    I've tried a number of different shea butters in the last few years for a couple of different reasons and this one meets all of my expectations. I like to use it, especially in the winter, by itself or mixed with lavender essential oil to help heal different dry patches (heels, elbows, legs, etc.). This goes on with a pretty smooth feel and rubs in completely once it has warmed with your body temperature.