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Hot Stamping Machines, Foil Blocking Machines, Cutting & Creasing Machines, Repairs & Servicing - SF Services - SF Services is a specialist in sales and aftersales support of new and used hot stamping presses like Heidelberg, Bobst, MK, Victoria Polygraph, Johannisberg, Saroglia, Geitz, Crossland, Klugge and more.

  • http://www.sfservices.com/new-machines New Hot Stamping Machines, Foil Blocking Machines & Die Cutting Machines - Bobst, Heidelberg, MK, Victoria, Johannisberg - New hot stamping machines and presses from a host of top foil blocking manufacturers.
  • http://www.sfservices.com/mk-machines Hot Stamping Machines, Foil Blocking Machines & Die Cutting Machines - SF Services (MK Masterwork Graphics) - SF Services offer the full range of MK hot foiling, cutting & creasing and gluing machines as Masterwork Graphics sole agent.
  • http://www.sfservices.com/used-machines Used Hot Stamping Machines, Foil Blocking Machines & Die Cutting Machines - Bobst, Heidelberg, MK, Victoria, Johannisberg - Hot stamping machines, foil blocking machines, foiling machines all from the top manufacturers.
  • http://www.sfservices.com/used-machines/bobst Used Bobst Hot Stamping Machines, Foil Blocking Machines & Die Cutting Machines - We stock a range of used Bobst Hot Stamping, Embossing & Die Cutting Machines
  • http://www.sfservices.com/used-machines/euclid Used Plastic Card Machines - Euclid - We stock a range of used/new Euclid Plastic card automated finishing system machines
  • http://www.sfservices.com/used-machines/miller-johannisberg Used Hot Stamping Machines, Foil Blocking Machines & Die Cutting Machines - Miller Johannisberg - We stock a range of used Miller Johannisberg Hot Stamping & Die Cutting Machines.
  • http://www.sfservices.com/used-machines/mk Used Hot Stamping Machines, Foil Blocking Machines & Die Cutting Machines - MK Masterworks - We stock a range of used MK Masterworks Hot Stamping and Die Cutting Machines.
  • http://www.sfservices.com/refurbished-machines Refurbished Hot Stamping Machines & Die Cutting Machines - SF Services - We stock a range of used, refurbished hot stamping & die cutting machines.
  • http://www.sfservices.com/sf-services/aftersales Aftersales | SF Services - Hot Stamping & Die Cutting Machines Installations, training, relocations, repairs, servicing, upgrades and parts
  • http://www.sfservices.com/after-service/servicing-and-repairs Servicing & Repairs | After Service - Foil Blocking services and repairs for hot stamping , die cutting and embossing machines. Worldwide service guaranteed.
  • http://www.sfservices.com/after-service/upgrades Upgrades | After Service - Your Foil Blocking or Cutting & creasing Machine might need an upgrade or conversion during its life cycle. SF Services offer a value upgrading or conversion service.

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  • BernardZ - Ruining a good series

    I went to see the movie being told that it was reasonable and its was not so gender political correctness so as I liked the Ghostbuster series which I felt was brilliant. I felt I had to see it.

  • T. Boyum - Works great! No more pain for me!!

    I have ordered this product several times since March 2016 and am very satisfied with the results. I have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for years and it had progressed to BOTH hands. Then I started getting tendonitis in my right elbow. I read about the benefits of turmeric and its success as an anti inflammatory. Within a week of beginning the supplements, all pain is gone! Once, I ran out and sure enough, within a week the pain had returned. Now I know better, I will not let myself run out ever again.

  • Donny - Not worth it

    I purchased this as an add on for my Infiniti - after three weeks a bird dropping left a permanent mark. I am on day 5 of trying to make a claim with the company.

  • Mynxx - Love it!!

    I reallyyy like this camera. Before i purchased it i looked alll over Amazon for a good quality Camcorder, i had found several but their reviews were just awful.. Always check reviews before buying something! The reviews on this item were really good! So i already had an idea of what i was getting. It does not feel like a cheap plastic camera, it has some weight to it and feels very good quality. Very easy and simple to use. You can hook it up to the tv or a computer! I really like that feature. The view finder rotates so you could make videos of yourself and see yourself! The color is lovely. The quality video and pictures it takes are very decent, although in poorly lit places the quality is kinda iffy but its really great as a beginner camcorder and at a great price. The zoom is really good, and of course like most cameras if you zoom in too much the quality looks a little grainy but not too much. I didn't like how it does not come with a lens cap but i guess as long as you keep it in the velvet type bag it comes in, it should be fine. Just becareful with that. It also does not come with an SD card. It does have a wrist strap already attached. Items included are Camera, small velvet bag that only fits the camera, charger block and cord, cord from camera to the tv/computer, and instructions. The camera has very easy set up, it only has military time mode.

  • Jason D Ullyott - Very Portable!

    Only problem: if you have a skirt on your table it is difficult to use. You have to untwist it all the way and hope it will fit. Then hope there's enough leg room.