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Sharecare: Get Expert Health Advice, Find a Doctor & Manage Your Health - Sharecare - A health and wellness engagement platform that provides you with personalized resources to live your healthiest life.

  • https://www.sharecare.com/find-a-doctor Find a Doctor in Your Area - Sharecare - Find doctors in your area on Sharecare. Browse physicians by specialties and locations. Find office hours, locations and make an appointment.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/experts Top Minds in Health & Medicine - Sharecare - Find experts on Sharecare who have answers to your questions on nutrition, fitness, weight loss, sex and skin care.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/topics Topics - Find Health, Diet, & Medical Topics on - Sharecare - Explore hundreds of health and wellness topics such as diet and nutrition, weight loss, and depression and more all covered by Sharecare experts.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health-tools Health Tools - Health Guides, Assessments, Doctor Visit Guides - Sharecare - Discover how healthy you are with Sharecare health tools, health guides, assessments and the RealAge Test. Learn to manage medical conditions and improve your overall health and overall well-being.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/static/askmd Get Better Care. AskMD. - Sharecare - More than just your standard symptom checker, AskMD gets you from “what’s wrong” to what you can do about it.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/allergy Allergies: Allergy Symptoms, Seasonal Allergies, Allergic Reactions - Sharecare - About one out of five Americans suffers from allergies. An allergy is an exaggerated response from the immune system to a substance such as dust, pollen, pet dander or mold. Other common triggers include foods such as peanuts and milk; insect bites; and certain ingredients in cosmetics and jewelry. Allergies can cause anything from rashes and hives to itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, and wheezing.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/alternative-medicines Alternative Medicine: Integrative Medicine, Natural & Herbal Remedies - Sharecare - Alternative medicines, also known as complementary and alternative therapies, or CAM, include natural and herbal remedies, mind-body therapies (such as tai chi, meditation, yoga, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and progressive relaxation), massage therapy, and other types of bodywork.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/arthritis Arthritis: & Joint Pain: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout Symptoms & Treatment - Sharecare - Pain, stiffness, swelling in the joints - these are common symptoms of arthritis. While there are many types of arthritis, the most common are rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA).
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/kids-teens-health Children’s Health: Health Basics, Conditions, Behavior & Development - Sharecare - As a parent, you have questions about your kids' health. From common colds, lice, chickenpox and strep throat to eating disorders, obesity and learning disabilities, get the expert answers you need to raise a healthy child, tween, or teen.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/diet-nutrition Diet & Nutrition: Food Tips, What to Eat, Healthy Recipes - Sharecare - To eat healthy, pick foods that are the colors of the rainbow, and watch your portion sizes. Eating foods that are colorful-red apples, orange carrots, yellow squash, green salad, tomatoes, blueberries and purple eggplant-helps you add fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/fitness-exercise Fitness: Exercise & Workout Tips, Reduce Belly Fat, Get Fit - Sharecare - Exercising for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week makes you look and feel better while reducing your risks for many chronic conditions. Physical activity boosts your immune system and mental sharpness, and helps you avoid obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart problems.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/heart-disease Heart Disease: Heart Failure, Heart Attack Risks, Stroke Prevention - Sharecare - Heart disease is the number one killer of adults in the United States. In fact, one in every three deaths is from heart disease and stroke, equal to 2,200 deaths per day. Taking care of your heart is essential for a long life. You can treat your ticker right by eating healthy, staying active and managing your stress.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/mens-health Men’s Health - Sharecare - Did you know that men are less likely to seek help for health problems than women? This, along with certain biological factors, makes it important for men to pay attention to health issues as they arise. Some heart problems and certain cancers could be prevented if men would seek medical treatment on a more regular basis.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/quit-smoking Quit Smoking: Tips to Stop Smoking, Expert Advice for Quitting - Sharecare - Smoking tobacco products can lead to severe health problems and even death. While quitting smoking can be very difficult for some smokers, there are smoking cessation programs and medications that can help smokers quit. There are many lifelong benefits of doing so, like increased lung function and decreased risk of heart disease and cancer. Understanding the importance of quitting smoking and all options available to help stop smoking is key to long-term success.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/sleep-disorders Sleep Disorders: Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Narcolepsy - Sharecare - Insomnia, sleep apnea, and snoring are just a few of the health conditions that can leave you tired and irritable. Find the causes, diagnosis, and treatment for sleeping problems that can leave you counting sheep.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/skin-and-beauty Skin Care: Anti-Aging, Skin Disease Tips & Advice for Looking Younger - Sharecare - Blueberries, dark chocolate and sunscreen are three things you need to keep skin beautiful, supple and smooth. Antioxidant-rich foods such as berries, dark chocolate, cantaloupe, citrus fruits and leafy greens provide the vitamins you need for skins elasticity. Avoiding smoking prevents premature aging. But the number-one way to keep skin gorgeous is to stay out of the sun and away from tanning beds. The suns radiation causes skin damage, including wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer. Use a sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays in an SPF of 15 or higher, and reapply often.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/stress-reduction Stress - Sharecare - It is not uncommon for people to experience stress and anxiety during select periods in their lives. Having a positive attitude, taking a balanced approach to life's ups and downs, and using relaxation exercises are just some of the ways that people can alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/weight-loss Weight Loss: Diet & Exercise Tips to Reduce Belly Fat, Lose Weight - Sharecare - You know that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in. There are only two ways to do this: reduce the number of calories you take in or increase the amount of calories you burn each day. Once you learn to do this, it will be easier to maintain your weight.<br/>
  • https://www.sharecare.com/health/womens-health Women's Health: Problem Areas, Health Solutions, & Aging Well - Sharecare - Did you know that women are more likely to seek medical care than men? Sexual health needs, like pregnancy and contraception, often necessitate early visits to a doctor. But as we age, various health issues affect women more than men, including depression, weight problems, and certain types of arthritis.In order to maintain your health and wellness, make sure you get an annual checkup.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/static/realage-test Take the RealAge Test - Sharecare - Do you think you live a healthy life? Take the RealAge health test now, and discover how old your body thinks you are.
  • https://www.sharecare.com/static/employers Sharecare Employers - Sharecare - The Sharecare platform provides all the tools for your employees and members to engage in their health to drive better outcomes.

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  • Patarawadee - Sent me a wrong one. Its not like on the picture!

    Sent me the Asian edition which is not the same like the textbook they've described on Amazon! it's not even look like on the picture.

  • Anne - pretty good replicas shoe lace color is a little off ...

    pretty good replicas shoe lace color is a little off but overall pretty good. they dont have yezzy logo just so you know they say boost on the bottom but dont have boost material. if you try to pass these off as real anybody thats not a sneaker head or a wannabe sneaker head wil lnot notice but by looking on the inner part looking at the bottom or bending them will know