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Enzymes, Signaling Proteins, Extracellular Ligands, Signaling Reagents, Antibodies - SignalChem is a leader in Enzymes, Signaling Proteins, Extracellular Ligands, Signaling Reagents, Antibodies

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  • Amazon Customer - Sturdy Battery Box

    The box is sturdy as well as the top and handle. Even with the battery inside and the strap cinched down everything feels solid. The other thing I enjoy about this product is it can be used for a wide variety of uses, you can hook up an inverter and increase the possibilities if need be. My only issue is my wife has confiscated it for lighting up her LEDs for her squidding escapades.

  • ashley - Buy this!

    Love this polish!!! Ive used it a bunch of times already. It doesn't chip off that easily and looks super cute!

  • Sebastian Hritcu - Good Product

    Good product, great protection for home users. Low computer resources consumption. Easy to install and configure. Protects you from viruses, site phishing.

  • Steven Smith - I'm a U. S. customer that received a ...

    I'm a U.S. customer that received a Product Key for Latin America. Found this problem while activating the package. No mention of this aggravating fact during the purchase. Microsoft could not help at all. I was instructed to return the Product Key to Amazon and purchase yet another. I can't wait to see what region I get next. Maybe this is why you can purchase a Product Key for $249 versus a digital download for $399.