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  • Mark Lorenz - Nice try, but not for us

    These were primarily for my wife, though I tried them out. I didn't see much difference and neither did my wife. I wish I could recommend this kit, as it's a unique and interesting idea that doesn't hurt at all (we had tried other products that made our teeth ache).

  • Witz - Works well on freshly soiled carpet, but the application method is inefficient

    I've only had to use this on freshly piddle, pooped, and vomited messes on a thick shag-like carpet. The color of the urine is immediately removed on the fresh urine. To apply the product, you open the cap, pull the inside cap open, and pour. The pour isn't terribly fast, but I feel like I'm using more of this product than necessary because of the pour method that it uses. I might get a spray head to attach to the bottle so I don't use as much. The product does have a slight smell, but it is not strong or off-putting.

  • Harry Nguyen - Perfect

    It's a perfect backpack for anyone who carries a lot of things, it's a great hiking backpack too. The stitching is sturdy and I like how much it can hold. Also the plaid adds excellent sense of style to it. Highly recommend it.

  • Ashley Wrobel - Very Hydrating

    I love this product. It feels silky and hydrating and I am very pleased how soft my skin feels when I use it. I use it under my foundation.

  • Gustave Nicholas von Bodungen - Fun Game, Not really for the PS3

    I decided to get this game for my girlfriend and I after playing at a local arcade in New Orleans. The game itself is fun and reminds me of the good ole fashion duck hunt game for NES however the accuracy of the "top shot elite" is poor at best. As you will find in most reviews you must stand around 5+ feet away from the sensor bar in order for the Top shot to even register on screen. During the calibration you are suppose to aim at the four corners of your screen while looking through the scope, yet no matter how many times you do it during calibration you will usually be about 2+ inches off target. This makes the scope, which doesn't lock into place and easily slips, useless. Its better to just throw the scope straight into the garbage... despite the poor accuracy, there are crosshairs on the screen, which makes shooting from the hip a breeze, but it does take some fun out of the idea of hunting... Mind you, this is all in regards to the Gallery aspect of the game, the story mode is a whole other beast in itself. During story mode you are able to move about freely on each course but the controls on the top shot are difficult to get use to, especially when it comes to walking around. After a while it became frustrating to me, so I stuck to the gallery part of the game... Supposedly, the game is more enjoyable if you have the PlayStation move with gun, but I have yet to try it... If you are considering purchasing this game for your PlayStation, I would recommend you find an arcade instead, if you have a Wii, then go for it!