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  • Amazon Customer - Didn't make it through 3 uses

    The zipper came clean off on only the third time using this ice chest. The cooler is pretty sturdy and does a nice job of keeping items cold, but without a zipper it is now just an expensive grocery bag. Of course it broke after 2 months and is only covered for 30 days. For an "Ultra" cooler, this one was quite a letdown.

  • Jennifer Crumpler - 45 pounds lost!

    Well, I haven't lost 1 pound per day but I have lost 45 pounds over the past 2 months. I feel like that's pretty darn good! I didn't do the diet. I have tried to eat better and exercise daily. I've been using the pills for the past month - those help for a boost. My goal is go for 6 months.

  • CaliGal805 - WORKS!

    I thought this was a gimmick until I saw it on MmandL- YouTube channel. Figured if it works for them, I'll try it. It totally works and I'm the type of person that, if I pooped, which I don't because I'm a girl, I would hold it for days if company was over. No way would I ever go if anyone was near. I mean, if I pooped, that is. But since I don't because I'm a girl, I imagine that this would be 9-1-1 for anyone who had to go. I also hate it when guests poop in my house. I hate knowing that their poop molecules are floating around my living space so I keep a bottle of this in each bathroom. I'm considering putting one in every bathroom at work, too, for those who insist on going in a public place. I feel it's the responsible thing to do and eventually I'll get promoted because I took action.

  • Mindfulness Matters - Great for Adult Acne

    After having kids, I thought my acne days were over. This vitamin has helped tremendously with my skin issues and nutrition needs. I saw results in about a week of use, and a dramatic reduction of new breakouts (cystic and minor blemishes)in two weeks.

  • blueyz - thought that it would be useful for him to see and learn what other words/pictures ...

    Bought this for my grandson, 18 months. He loves books and has a few other word/picture books. Since this one has 100 first words, thought that it would be useful for him to see and learn what other words/pictures were. He sat down and opened it up right away, enjoying pointing at the pictures while I read the words. It has sturdy pages for turning which I found really nice. Glad I got it for him.

  • Stanley R. Schneider - Nothing much new and boring too

    I'm something of a political junkie and was eagerly awaiting this book. As a subscriber to the Washington Post. I read Dan Balz's columns during the election and feel that he didn't do much more than regurgitate them here. It's a long boring slog. The author doesn't even get to the general election until about page 300. There are 27 chapters in the book and many read like stand alone essays. Having a couple of chapters on whether Obama is a boring person is well...boring. And reading a fifteen page chapter on an asterisk like Tim Pawlenty is mind numbing. In general the author dawdles on the front end,and compresses the general election in the back end, no doubt thinking of his publication deadline. The author spends only a few sentences each on the subjects of Michele Bachmann, Obamacare, and Benghazi, but takes 15 pages to describe the process of selecting Paul Ryan as VP. About the only new thing I learned about in the book was the arguments going on back stage with Chris Christie before he went on stage to give his keynote address at the GOP convention.