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  • Robert L. Arutunian - Not Effective

    As a retired MD I should have known better. I guess with age I have become more gullible. I was hoping something topical would work since the risk of taking Lamisil orally is possible though rare.

  • Christopher Robbins - Great! Space saving, cute, travels easy

    This chair is wonderful! - so much better than those annoying enormous high chairs that reach all the way to the ground. and cheaper. It is space saving - stays neatly latched onto our island or table and is immediately usable. Doesn't take up any space. When we go to the grandparents or friends houses for dinner we can toss it in the car and bring it along. It lets her be up with us during our meals without the chair being a pain in the ass.

  • Amazon Customer - It worked

    I don't have any scientific readings or measurements to offer but, I saw black clouds of smoke coming out under acceleration and the van runs better.........I'd use it again and frankly probably will.

  • Kellie J. Burk - Hate it

    I tried this as an upgrade from my Roxio pro and completely don't like it. It never does 720x1280 when you burn it on a DVD. I have a Sony HD 46in 3D tv and its just centers the video in the middle of the tv, which I hate unless a blu-ray does not have widescreen capability like the Star Trek: TNG or ST:Voyger (not recorded in HD). Stick to Roxio Pro for me.

  • Michael hollenbeck - Makes it difficult to move the mouse accurately. There's ...

    Makes it difficult to move the mouse accurately. There's a weird microfiber thing going on that catches on the bottom of my mice (I have two of them, neither handled the mouse pad well). Going to have to get a different kind.

  • Jodi Colpitts - live

    i ordered 3 cds from them this one included a dvd to watch of the performance which i have not watched yet. this was my least fav out of the 3, the other 2 were great!