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Spineline - September/October 2016 - SpineLine, the clinical and news magazine of the North American Spine Society (NASS), is published bimonthly to educate and inform NASS members (and secondary audiences) on medical, ethical and policy matters in spine and health care. SpineLineTM serves as the society's primary publication: (1) to educate and inform NASS' multidisciplinary spine specialists on issues of interest and relevance to spine care and research, and to assist them in providing quality, cost-effective patient care; and (2) to communicate and promote the policies, professional activities and products of the association.

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  • RFitzy - This granny loves the Samsung Chromebook

    I used to buy Dell PC's and laptops. But my last Dell laptop with windows 8 lasted all of 4 months before it crashed for good.

  • David A. Chapman - This stuff lives up to what it says it will ...

    This stuff lives up to what it says it will do! I have an extremely fussy baby with lots of reflux. I tried everything, and this was the only stuff that really calmed him enough to go to sleep!

  • Denise - The product is very well-packaged and instructions are clear (for ...

    The product is very well-packaged and instructions are clear (for a very simplistic gadget). I've waited to write a review until I saw some results. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any results for issues I was hoping to address. If you are on the fence about purchasing, l suggest you don't unless you've got money to play with then give it a try. I hope it helps you.

  • Sakediddy - Was miserable for 3 1/2 months with GERD

    I have been through it all...Athletic 34 year old 6'3 180...competitive cyclist/triathloner....Could not understand why all the sudden I have acid indegestion and major heartburn after drinking even water. Tried to just live with it for 2 months. Woke up every morning with this weird acidic feeling in my stomach. Ended up in the hospital, thought I was having a heart attack one night. Went to GI doctor, did endoscopy found nothing. Said probably irritable bowl syndrome. I basically got to the point of a month of eating toast, bananas, white rice, nothing but water. I am serious, I did nothing but bland stuff and it didn't matter. So, I tried Prilosec for 28 days straight, and ate about 50% of what I used to eat (tacos, spicy food, milkshake here and there, and felt a little better, probably because I was enjoying my food again... but still felt constipated. Stopped Prilosec (after 28 days) completely and did a Zantac 150 if I couldn't take the bloating/hurt feeling. Looked online for help, someone said try Zypan digestive enzymes and another said Manuka Honey. I bought them both from Amazon and decided to try the honey first to see how it did. Well, I have been taking a Table spoon on a half piece of white bread before breakfast and an hour before bed for about 5 days now and I feel 90% better. I am having more frequent movements also, so I assume that the honey is healing intestines as well as stomach lining. This past weekend, my wife and I shared a cheesesteak stromboli with marinara sauce, etc. for dinner. Before bed, I did the tablespoon of honey and was fine all night and the next morning. If you are suffering, give it a shot, I'm super glad I did. I hope to get to the point, where I just do it once in the morning. No clue how it works, or if I'm just healing slowly on my own? But, I really don't care as I feel better. Good luck, I have not even bothered to try the digestive enzymes, because this honey is doing something for me!

  • Sarah Hundt - DO NOT PAY $52 FOR THIS!!! IT'S AT ULTA FOR $32

    DO NOT PAY $52 FOR THIS. I'm just trying to get your attention. This product is at Ulta for $32. With that said, I do love the product and I have repurchased twice already. It is a bit thick. You only need a little so it lasts a long time. I only gave one star to deter people from getting ripped off by whoever is trying to sell this for $52!