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  • old dude - Be careful it works

    i got this for ear hair I am from a body hair generation and like mine. Just for fun I wetted my hair with warm water and applied a thick liberal amount to both sides of my head as directed waited 15 minutes. It is warm and smells like a ladies permanent. I rinsed with warm water as directed but most of the hair was still there. As I toweled dried my head the hair came off in great rolls ( Pretty Messy ) but it all came off slick as a babies butt. My wife is just going to hate it and church should be interesting. Hey Im retired and old so for me this is fun.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Product

    Excellent product and easy to install. Instructions need to be improved but relied on prior reviews which answered my questions. Rails are solid and durable. Really improves the look of my 2016 CRV. Nice!

  • Sarah - Please balance Omega 6 with Omega 3

    It has worked well but one thing that is very important to know about this product is that it is high in omega 6. Omega 6 unbalanced can have negative side affects on someone . It needs to be balanced with Omega 3 as well. You will need to add this as a supplement. The Omega 3 needs to equal the same amount as omega 6. All you have to do is research negative side affects of high omega 6 to see the various side effects that could possibly occur. I did not know this before I stated taking it and only found out because I stared noticing my behavior had changed since taking it. I became very short tempered and angry which was not like myself. I found out that this is a side effect of High omega 6 not being balance with omega 3. Its a very good product but I feel that this should be mentioned by the company as a negative side affect if not taken properly.

  • Valerie B. Lull - Excellent!

    I have been having credit problems and I picked up this volume in the new books section of the library. It is a real eye-opener. I did not know all this stuff about credit and how much it impacts ones life. This information about credit and finances should be taught to the children in school so they will know how to manage their financial lives.

  • Travis - I'm out. TWD reduced to entertainment for Sadists

    I'm another that is done with this show. It's sad to see it reduced to this sort of over the top sadistic gore.

  • gigi - best diet ever

    I did yoli for a month last September and lost 15 pounds! did it again in January for a week and lost again 10 pounds!!! best diet ever! lost 25 pounds today and did not take the weight back!

  • Trisha H - Black licorice smell

    My son had terrible tummy troubles when he was under a year old. So in desperation I ordered some of this because I didn't want to keep giving him Mylicon. This stuff smells just like black licorice and is super thick. There is no "hiding the taste" by mixing it in the formula. It's too powerful. I found it was best to mix with water and get baby to drink as much of it as I could. It does help a bit. And now my son loves black licorice. Ha! So in all, it's okay.