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  • Justin B. - 50/50 chance make sure you test yourself at home before taking a drug test

    Didn't work, followed every possible instrusction from the bottle to the reviews and it never worked tried 3 times leading up to my test. assuming it's a 50/50 chance make sure you test yourself at home before you take the actuall test if that is what you are using this product for! In my opinion your better off getting someone else's pee, way easier and less stressful! Good Luck!

  • A. Horsacourse - Actually works pretty good!

    Awesome product! I bought this for my 12 year old because he wanted to learn Spanish, but I didn't he would actual learn much for practical speaking. HOWEVER! He has actually been learning Spanish! We met some Spanish speaking people yesterday, and he actually spoke back and forth with them, and they were amazed that he could speak so well after learning completely on his own (with the software, that is). Now I'm thinking of going through this program myself!

  • Jerry - Far better than my previous SSD, Eons better than platters

    I finally was willing to spend the extra few dollars to get a Samsung SSD when I read through some reviews on the Kingston V300 and found out that mine may have been defective. I immediately ran a few benchmark tests on it (which admittedly, I should have done sooner), and I found that the write speeds were only about half (220-230 mbps) the advertised benchmarks. I realize that typically the benchmarks posted are not 100% realistic, but to only be getting half of the advertised speed was frustrating to me.

  • Kindle Customer - perfect

    this backpack is perfect. I can fit 3 huge textbooks and 3 smaller books along with 3 notebooks a binder and folders without any problem, and thats just in one pocket!! The design (zebra) is soo cool and a little different... great purchase

  • S Lappalainen - Comments from an el. engineer

    When I saw first time the Earthing book, I was confused. I know, as an electrical engineer, how important grounding is for equipment in factories, hospitals and houses due to safety reasons. Also electrical industry use grounding of the workers to protect sensitive electronics from electrical charge in their body. The low voltage technology (TV signals, etc.) use grounding for filtering out the unwanted electrical noise.

  • AmazonReviewer1948 - Great sounding and durable headphones

    These might well be my new, favorite pair of headphones. The sound is truly excellent and they wear comfortably even during all-day use. They are also extremely durable. I actually ran them through a washer/dryer cycle by accident the other day and - amazingly - they came out still working! The storage package it comes with is also pretty cute, though honestly I find that they are small enough that I don't really need to use the storage container (a cable clip works just as well). I received a small discount in exchange for my honest review, though I'm considering going ahead and buying another pair just so I can use it while my first pair charges. p.s. The battery life has been excellent so far. I can usually go 8+ hours of continuous use before needing to charge up.