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  • Amazon Customer - Not bad, but did not experience the advertised benefits

    I tried this along with the Exuviance purifying cleanser and the Exuviance skin rise. Of the three products, I liked the way the skin rise felt and left my skin the best. I had to be very careful about how much of the restorative complex lotion I used as it was easy to get too much and end up feeling greasy. My fair sensitive skin did not improve at all with this product, and I certainly would not say my skin felt smoother or more velvety.

  • Debra - I love this thermometer

    I love this thermometer. I have an autistic son who hates to have his temperature taken because he does not like to put a thermometer in his mouth. I have been wanting to get one like this for a while but they just cost too much in the store. I was able to get this through AMZ Review Trader at a reduced cost just for leaving a review.

  • Aaron White - Liver Support product - 1st time buyer

    Tried the Liver Support dietary supplement to test the claims of some of the included ingredients abilities to improve liver health and reduce the tired and lethargic feeling I was having when I was waking up in the mornings. Could definitely tell a difference after a week or two, felt like I had more energy and was easier to get up and go to work. Will be trying another bottle.

  • Cynthia Delgado - Great for Engineering Wooden Floors

    If I could give this product 10 stars, I would!! I bought the stick that goes with this product and it works great! I have engineering wood in my house and this product is great for cleaning at least 2-3 bedrooms, then I have to get another clean one but it smells so good! Leaves your floors super clean! I would recommend using the broom that goes with the stick and is interchangeable with the mop/broom feature. The broom comes with the wipes that are dry and cleans up A LOT! Overall, I would definitely recommend this product!

  • azcutie - Did not work for my yeast problem

    I tried this diet for four months after being on another anti-candida diet for eight months. I was hopeful that it would cure my problem, but my yeast problem was no better than when I started. I have since started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle explains the science of digestion and how you can healt your digestion through proper diet. The probiotic foods and other vegetables (including the sea vegetables) suggested in the Body Ecology Diet are too advanced if you are having digestive and yeast overgrowth issues. If you cannot fully digest these advanced foods because your digestion is damaged, these more advanced foods only fuel the yeast overgrowth problem.

  • Kevo - Excellent for H. Pylori infections!

    This product was first mentioned to me by a relative earlier this year as I was having stomach aches, nausea, constant burping, etc. However, I figured what could honey really do? I went to the gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with H. Pylori and was subsequently given the 7 day course of strong antibiotics which cost a bomb! However, it seemed to do the trick and I was "healed." Or so I thought.