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Healthcare coaching and execution | Studer Group - Studer Group works with organizations to create a culture of excellence through healthcare coaching and cultural transformation. Partner with us today.

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  • Joan - Excellent product!

    I just used this with the dry cloth & it's the first mop that's been able to clean up not only dirt but cat hair as well. It cleaned my laminate floor with only one sweep and there was absolutely no cat hair flying around. It stuck to the cloth. The mop is light-weight, easy to put together & the 3 pole sections stay together securely. I highly recommend this mop to everyone! A very good value for the price.

  • Dino - Here's what sucks. They are plastic

    Ok... So I definitely needed these. Here's what sucks. They are plastic. One of them broke at the top and now I have half a screw on my OEM coil cover which will be stuck in there forever... The next issue is the price. Really? For 25$ I should have gotten metal screws...

  • Diane - The best SAT preparation by far!

    I tutor SAT preparation for a living and have been doing so successfully for over 15 years. The McGraw Hill books are by far the best. The vocabulary section alone is worth the cost of the book. But, that isn't the only good thing. The examples are plentiful and the explanations are complete.

  • M. Shanafelt - Another Bad Quicken Version

    Quicken is the only product that I can anticipate a worse product every time I'm forced to update. 2011 follows the pattern nicely. After being forced to update from Quicken 2008 in order to continue receiving downloaded credit card transactions, I began the process of migrating my 15+ years of financial data into the new version. For some reason, my credit card balance was about $2,400 off after the import. I had to go back and make adjustment entries in several accounts to make sure they were current. I also don't like that they changed the home screen - in Quicken 2008 I had several graphs in small rectangles on the main screen. When I did the migration, it set all of the graphs to be the full width of the screen and one on top of another, so now I have to scroll down to see all of them. I haven't seen any new features of Quicken 2011 that I'd actually find useful. I wish Intuit would just let us pay a yearly fee of $15 or so and let us keep the ability to download transactions without these needless upgrades every 3 years.

  • J. Cameron - Easy install, fast speeds, and no issues so far!

    Swapped out my Comcast rental modem, was up and running in just a few minutes, and now I don't have to pay the $7 modem rental fee to Comcast. I'm provisioned for the 105/20 Mbps package and typically get 120/20.5 Mbps.

  • Hanh T. Tran - A Must Have for the DAT

    Crack DAT PAT has an assortment of practice problems for the PAT portion of the DAT. The more you practice with Crack DAT PAT software, the more strategies you will come up with. Crack DAT Math has a variety of great questions with fast and simple explanation/solutions for each problem. Customer service from Crack the DAT Team is OUTSTANDING; they are very responsive and answered all my questions/emails promptly. Practice makes perfect (scores), so don't skip out on this product.

  • Lauri - Expected more, maybe too much

    I've tried 2 of these and have not noticed much, if any, of a change. Maybe my wrinkles are what was called B.E.R. at the manufacturing company I worked at, which stood for Beyond Economical Repair, when we were disposing of old equipment that wasn't worth fixing or couldn't be.. I may try another, but was hoping for better.