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Sinus Pressure Pain & Congestion Relief | SUDAFED® | Canada - Discover how Sudafed® relieves sinus pressure, pain and congestion related to the common cold, allergies or other sinus problems.

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  • John Williams - My Miracle Bottle

    I had lived on Celebrex for years because of disc in my neck. Have had 3 surgeries and now have mostly metal in my neck. Slowly my body at 63 is struggling with arthritis, bad kness and hands.... Then there is a problem called "feet". I have been on ArthriD3 for 3 weeks and so very, very thankful for this RELIEF!!!! I would recommend this to anyone. Just about to go online and order more.

  • Kelsey Heitz - Similiar to Skype. It is a lovely ap that ...

    Similiar to Skype. It is a lovely ap that works on kindles and androids quite well. I have only used it 4 times but find it works well and doesn't freeze much.

  • Nikki - amazing, where have you been all my like product

    Magical, amazing, where have you been all my like product!!! I love love love this product. My apartment had a nasty oven from 1981 that I think has never been cleaned, it no joked looked brand new when I finished with this product. Ditto for the oven in the new place. I think people avoid oven cleaning because of the horrible toxic chemicals, which is not an issue here. Pleasant odor, you can use it directly with a sponge but I would wear gloves to avoid 30 year old oven guck under your nails.

  • P. McKenzie - Natural Tick Repellant

    30 years ago, my sister competed with her quarter horse in Versailles, Missouri in competitive trail rides. Riders and their horses were coming in loaded with ticks after each days ride. Neither I nor my sister had any ticks and Ranger only had two because we bathed with Basic H and she washed Ranger with it as well. Highly recommend it.

  • N. Dillard - Relatively inexpensive cross bars made to factory specs

    Built to factory specifications, these light weight cross bars mount quickly and easily and enable us to put a large cargo bag on the roof. I was at a loss as to how to carry my rolling walker on vacation but now I know I can carry it on the roof. They make devices to mount a bike on the back of a vehicle, and to mount wheel chairs on the back of a vehicle but nothing is made to mount a rolling walker on the back of a vehicle. Glad we found these cross bars.