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Summer Break Charters | Your Fishing Destination - Providing the BEST in Fishing Charters on Lake Erie. Join Captian Jeff and his crew at both of their Charter Locations and have the memory of a lifetime. Great FUN for the whole Family or set sail for the ULTIMATE Group Excursion.

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  • dhiyu - recommended.

    It really works. In the beginning I am not sure that it would work as other product, but I was wrong. recommended.

  • Jade D - Got rid of "basement" smell in a downstairs basement in a day.

    Worked great! A downstairs bedroom was starting to smell like a basement a bit and is the farthest room from the big dehumidifier we have down there. I put this in the room and the next day it smelled better. I could not believe the difference in a day and I will buy another when that one needs replacing. The carpet felt somewhat damp and the difference was amazing.

  • Roger Lu - Glad to find the missing Access manual

    The author covers in this comprehensive MS Access book with many topics. Database principles are explained with real case examples, stating in what condition you should do so and why you shouldn't do so. When introducing one-by-one relationship, database table split is taken as an example how to use one-by-one. Caution everywhere and FAQ are given on where you should be careful. Access is introduced step by step, including diagrams and real case examples. In addition, words and sentences used in the book are very clear to understand. Complete realistic examples of different scenarios help you have a whole picture of database application. As a result, I would give the book a five stars.

  • C. Scheck - Works exactly as advertised

    I purchased Meguires kit about a year ago which did not include a protectant and the light yellowed again.

  • J. Lee - After used this for several times my face getting super dry. I was shocked to find out that ...

    After using this several times my face became super dry. I was shocked to find out that the first ingredient that has the most was Acetone. And after I googled acetone toxicity I shocked more.

  • elpee - beautiful skin because of this vitamin!

    I had acne for about 14 years, tried everything. Over the counter, dermatologist, diet change. Nothing worked until I tried this multivitamin along with redmond clay mask and a skin nourishing oil by Natralia. Between these three things (mask twice a week, natralia oil and this Rainbow vitamins everyday), my acne pretty much cleared up overnight! Family and friends cannot stop commenting on how my skin is glowing. For the record, I am black and in my 30s, so this vitamin, even though it is targeted for teenagers, can potentially work for everyone. I now believe my acne was caused by deficiency in vitamins and minerals and this multi vitamin supplies that, along with many other things. I only take one tablet a day, not three, and it has given me excellent results. I really do believe that this vitamin, combined with an all natural facial cleaning system can bring freedom to many acne sufferers!

  • D. Reading - Works Well in Old Cars

    I have a 2005 Odyssey van. The power steering was getting worse and worse and the reservoir was low, apparently a slow leak. I sucked out (turkey baster) as much of the old fluid as I could and put in this stuff. Instant joy! The ps works as good as new, smooth as silk. It's been months now and no further problems with it.