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Veltracon Clinics - We’d like to welcome you from all over the world to the Swiss health landscape offering you full counselling on a broad range of medical services and multidisciplinary medical centres.

  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/content/about-us About Us | Veltracon Clinics - Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.Welcome to Veltracon Lifestyle.About Veltracon Lifestyle - Clinics
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/team Team | Veltracon Clinics - Swiss medical care network that connects visitors with leading private clinics in Switzerland and premier Swiss spa and plastic surgery centers.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/content/location Location | Veltracon Clinics - USAVeltracon LLC1100 NW 54 Street,Fort Lauderdale FL 33309+1 954 856 5880 SWITZERLANDVeltracon Lifestyle SAGrand Rue 3,CH-1820 Montreux+41 79 279 70 17
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/ars-medica-clinic Ars Medica Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - Ars Medica Clinic is part of the Genolier Swiss Medical Network.Ars Medica Clinic has become the undisputed leader and the reference centre for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the locomotor system in Italian-speaking Switzerland.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/bethanien-clinic Bethanien Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - Bethanien Private Clinic is part of Genolier Swiss Medical Network.Bethanien Clinic is ideally located on a prime elevated site on the Zürichberg. With 250 admitting physicians, this well-established clinic offers a broad range of medical services using the most advanced technologies and treatment methods. Bethanien Clinic covers all aspects of medical care, ranging from diagnosis, internal medicine and surgery to rehabilitation.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/biotonus-clinic Biotonus Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - Located in Montreux on the Lake Geneva shoreline, the Bon Port Biotonus Clinic is a renowned medical centre in a haven of peace and tranquillity. We are the only clinic to offer a combined revitalisation treatment programme. Our mission: protect and improve your health.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/calda-clinic Calda Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - SWISS PREMIUM REHABILITATIONWe are located right in the centre for state-of-the-art medicine in Switzerland, at the so-called Gold Coast on the right lakeside of Lake Zurich. Zurich downtown can be reached within 10 minutes by car and the airport Zurich-Kloten is within 30 minutes driving distance.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/cecil-clinic Cecil Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - Clinique Cecil is part of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group.At Clinique Cecil, we can offer you a wide variety of services. The ultra-modern buildings and the medical expertise are the results of a philosophy that has guided our actions for many years and which ensures that you will be perfectly at ease here during your stay.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/dr-frechet-hair-restoration-clinic Dr. Frechet Hair Restoration Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - We hope we can answer your questions about hair loss and its solutions.We cover here the entire subject of hair restoration surgery which concerns you, beginning with the causes of hair loss, which can benefit from surgery and then, the available techniques suitable for each case.Having practiced exclusively hair restoration surgery and scalp repair for over 30 years, at first in Paris, then at Genolier Clinic in Switzerland, now in Geneva, and performing the entire procedure myself, I have learnt from my patients the great
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/eaux-vives-cancer-centre Eaux-Vives Cancer Centre | Veltracon Clinics - Radiotherapy for all types of cancer and systemic treatments (chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy), all offered as an outpatient service in a peaceful environment, a stone’s throw away from the Jet d’Eau fountain of Geneva. The Centre of Oncology of Eaux-Vives was the first facility of this kind to be created in Geneva. It provides access to this range of treatments for cancer patients whether they are almost or state insured.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/eaux-vives-surgical-centre Eaux-Vives Surgical Centre | Veltracon Clinics - An integrated part of the local health landscape, Eaux-Vives Surgical Centre offers a broad range of medical services. Along with the Oncology Centre, it forms a multidisciplinary medical centre on Geneva’s left bank that groups together a total of 20 physicians’ practices in a pleasant, welcoming environment.With its main emphasis on general medicine, this friendly centre has built up specialties in almost all disciplines.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/entourage-clinic Entourage Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - A cohesive and competent team at your serviceUnder the medical direction of Dr. Francesco de Boccard, you will find an experienced, dedicated and attentive team to guide you through your journey in the world of aesthetic medicine.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/gene-predictis Gene Predictis | Veltracon Clinics - Have a genetic passport and adapt your lifestyle to secure a sustainable health.A unique opportunity to tailor your environment and behaviour with the latest knowledge in the field of health and genetics. 
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/general-clinic General Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - General Clinic is part of Genolier Swiss Medical Network.General Clinic’s main areas of expertise are centered around the human musculoskeletal system, gynaecology, general surgery and ENT surgery. Orthopaedic surgery accounts for about 80% of the clinic’s activities.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/genolier-clinic Genolier Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - Founded in 1972, Genolier Clinic is the flagship of Genolier Swiss Medical Network. With 128 beds and 198 admitting physicians, it is one of the largest private clinics in Switzerland. Genolier offers specialist medical care, state-of-the-art technology, and experienced medical team and premier-quality hotel services all under one roof.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/hauts-de-genolier-clinic Hauts de Genolier Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - "Les Hauts de Genolier" is part of the Genolier Swiss Medical Network. "Les Hauts de Genolier" is a unique concept in Switzerland, an alliance between premier hotel services and medical care supplied by the Genolier Clinic. The residents can have full confidence in the Clinic’s equipment, technical know-how, and most up-to-date medical practices.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/health-center-clinique-l%C3%A9mana Health Center Clinique Lémana | Veltracon Clinics - MORE THAN 60 YEARS OF A WORLD-EXCLUSIVE TREATMENTIt is with great pleasure that we invite you to explore the world of Cellvital Therapy with us and to make you aware of the importance of maintaining your Health Capital.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/kusnacht-practice-addictions-disorders Kusnacht Practice-Addictions & Disorders | Veltracon Clinics - All of our 6-star exclusive services are provided in the luxurious, stylish and discreet manner for which Switzerland itself is famous. We pay the closest attention to every single detail of each client’s stay, from the moment of their arrival at our treatment centre by limousine or private jet.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/laclinique-switzerland LACLINIQUE of Switzerland | Veltracon Clinics - La Clinique of Switzerland is committed to make every effort to find the best solutions that match your desires, your needs and your budget.We invite you to discover the different medical solutions that we offer in the following pages.We look forward to welcoming you soon at La Clinique of Switzerland.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/la-prairie-clinic La Prairie Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - Established in 1931, Clinique La Prairie quickly gained worldwide renown thanks to the work of Professor Paul Niehans, a pioneer in cellular therapy, who injected fresh cells from lamb fetuses into his patients. His heritage has evolved significantly. As a preventative of aging, it has been adopted by patients coming from all around the world, including celebrities.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/laclinic Laclinic | Veltracon Clinics - Welcome to Laclinic, an amazing place, offering all the beauty treatments you will ever need together with a full range of aesthetic surgical and allied specialities all under one roof. From beauty treatments through to cosmetic surgery procedures, all our treatments are individually tailored to the patient’s needs and wishes. Treatments can be combined with each other for convenience.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/le-mirador-dentistry-centre Le Mirador Dentistry Centre | Veltracon Clinics - Dr. Thomas Stucki welcomes you to his private world class dentistry centres located in Montreux on the Lake Geneva shoreline: Aesthetic Dentistry Centre in Montreux & Aesthetic Dentistry Centre in Le Mirador Kempinski, le Mont-Pélerin. Dr. Stucki and his team offer you a full range of dental care using the latest techniques in modern dentistry.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/le-mirador-dermatological-center Le Mirador Dermatological Center | Veltracon Clinics - The "Mirador concept" is a luxurious type of medical treatment in a fantastic environment. Based on his years of experience in the Department of Dermatology, through the conduit of his own clinics in Hanau and Frankfurt, and his professorship at the prestigious University of Heidelberg and the use of advanced equipment and high-tech laser dermatology center, Prof. Dr. Ockenfels offers medically and technically the best conditions for his patients at the Le Mirador Dermatology Center.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/lindberg-clinic Lindberg Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - A member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH), Private Clinic Lindberg in Winterthur ranks among the best private clinics in Switzerland. It offers its patients firs-class medical care which is delivered in an informal and personal atmosphere in tasteful surroundings.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/matignon-clinic Matignon Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - The Matignon Clinic is a centre of professional expertise that includes specialists, surgeons, dermatologists and several laser technicians. All these professionals take care in identifying and responding to patients’ needs in order to improve their well-being.Our services
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/montchoisi-clinic Montchoisi Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - Since it was founded in 1932, Montchoisi Clinic has always been one of the most reputable facilities in the Canton of Vaud. Having been acquired by Genolier Swiss Medical Network in 2003, the Clinic has been entirely renovated and modernised. All the rooms enjoy an unrestricted view over Lake Geneva and the presidential Alps. The top floor includes a presidential suite and spacious and comfortable junior suites.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/obach-clinic Obach Clinic | Veltracon Clinics - Obach Clinic, founded in 1922, is the largest private clinic in the canton of Soleure and has an excellent reputation throughout the region. It has 65 beds, 3 operating theatres and 2 delivery rooms.
  • http://www.switzerland-clinics.com/en/clinics/privatklinik-meiringen Privatklinik Meiringen | Veltracon Clinics - «Where patients are also our guests»: The Privatklinik Meiringen offers an ideal combination of tradition and progress.Manageably sized units for inpatient treatment and an all-pervading feeling of security support the up-to-date treatment methods and care in every respect.

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