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  • Gougain - Takin' Care of Business

    This is what my Toyota Tacoma should have come with to begin with! Once that cheap stock, useless rear bumper was removed, and the new rear Body Armor bumper was put on, my truck took on a whole new persona. People don't park their cars, trucks or Mopeds near me. I don't worry about backing up and accidentally touching an observed object, because it will normally suffer the consequences, and not my truck. Lots of unsolicited comments. All positive! So, start taken' care of business, and put it in overdrive.

  • Amazon Consumer - this book felt like an absolute dream to her

    I gave this book to a sibling of mine getting ready to take the PTCB exam. From what I have heard, the exam can be quite tough. So when I received this book and gave it to her, I asked her to spend her time using it, and let me know what she thought, if and how it helped prepare her, and what she liked/disliked. The highlight of what she reported back to me was that after being anxious for weeks about the test using another study guide, this book felt like an absolute dream to her. She felt that she was really able to apply what she had learned from her schooling, to this study guide in a way that made her feel more confident and ready for the exam. The questions that mimic what she has heard on the exam really put her mind at ease. She did not have any complaints about this book as it really seemed to be the most comprehensive and detailed study guide she had used. The ability to relate the content of her learning, to this study guide, to real life applications was something she was really impressed by. As a result, I can highly recommend this study guide. For the price, it is such an effective and comprehensive way to really get the most out of your training and education.