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Functional Movement Analysis System – The Performance Matrix - The Performance Matrix is a comprehensive functional movement analysis system available to improve movement health, prevent injury and improve performance in all individuals and athletes.

  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/tpm-pro/pro-training Effective Functional Movement Efficiency Training Systems - We provide effective functional movement training systems to improve your health and performance efficiency. Get complete info at theperformancematrix.com.
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/tpm-pro/pro-testing Functional Movement Screening, Assessment & Analysis Software, UK - We provide the most accurate functional movement screening, assessment and analysis software in the UK, available in order to identify uncontrolled movements that lead to pain and impair performance.
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/tpm-pro/pro-exercise Functional Movement Training Exercises - We provide a vast library of functional movement training exercises specifically designed by our expert team to match the profile report of your client, patient or athlete.
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/tpm-active Sports Injury Prevention | TPM Active - Whether it’s helping you with sports injury prevention, improve your quality of life or achieve a personal best, our TPM Pro therapists have expert skills to keep you active for longer.
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/tpm-elite Athlete Development Program | Sports Movement Analysis - Athlete Development Program – We provide TPM Elite, our most advanced sports movement management system that enables you to deploy a unique screening/analysis and retraining programme.
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/tpm-elite-consultancy Consultancy for Elite Sports - Manage your athletes - . This is more than injury prevention and performance enhancement, it’s about more choice in how you move, more solutions in how to win.
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/event_schedule_and_bookings Movement Control & Functional Movement Training Events | The Performance Matrix - A complete list of movement control and functional movement training events available for booking.
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/resources Resources at The Performance Matrix - The resources section is for health and sports professionals studying with The Performance Matrix.
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/about_us About the Performance Matrix - The Performance Matrix is a leading product of Movement Performance Solutions (MPS).
  • http://www.theperformancematrix.com/about_us/find_a_matrix_movement_specialist Find a Matrix Movement Control Specialist - Find a matrix movement control specialist - get an insight into your movement health together with a retraining programme to prevent future injuries and maximise performance.

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  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    These taste great!!! Just started using them and can't wait to see the results! They have so many wonderful vitamins!