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The Red Pills Homepage - Punk N Roll Music - Homepage and creative hub of The Red Pills, a punk 'n' roll four piece band from West Yorkshire, England. Listen to our songs, buy CDs/T-Shirts, find out where we're gigging and talk to us on social media. Cheers :)

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  • Laura - The first time I tried it I immediately loved it. It has a refreshing cucumber scent and ...

    My boyfriend was the one who started using this product first. The first time I tried it I immediately loved it. It has a refreshing cucumber scent and a nice texture that glides on your skin very nicely. I was surprised how well I was able to spread the little amount that came out with one pump. Ive been using this product religiously for about one week now and I notice little changes. It does a really good job with moisturizing. I will def keep using this product. Its a great buy and the price is nice too.

  • Darwin's Flinch - Just Does Not Get The Job Done

    This was a replacement that VicTsing sent for a different model, poorly functioning transmitter. I had high hopes, as they had initiated the trade.

  • Patricia - I actually love the little carrier pouch

    I have been using this non-stop since receiving it. It works perfectly for my needs. It came with multiple little rubber inserts so that you can find the right fit for your ear as well as 2 sets of ear clips for more security. I actually love the little carrier pouch, it's cute and functional, not too big, not too small. Pairing was a snap. I charge it up once a day and it gives me about 5-6 hours of listening pleasure. I don't actually use it when talking on the phone; I already have a Bluetooth speaker in my car, so I cannot say how well it works for that purpose. My music comes thru loud and clear so I imagine talking on the phone would be the similar. I don't use the secondary earpiece as I prefer to keep one ear free. I love it and have recommended it to family and friends.

  • G. Mattek - Nice and easy

    I haven't used the book at all (maybe I'll get around to paging through it some day), but the software made an otherwise arduous task into something that took maybe an hour altogether.

  • Empress Reece - Finding Fossils, Finding (Insta) Love...

    If you're not a big fan of "insta-love" then you'll probably be doing some major face palms while reading this book. Two of the main characters, Rachel & Sam, don't just 'think' they're in love, they go from bumbling innocents to full fledged married business partners, in record time, with all details included unfortunately.

  • Brent Hanson - Good water flosser.

    Pros: Useful tools. Different colors are helpful so everyone can have their own. Adjustable spray strength on the handle is very convenient. It works great.