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  • MrKenFL - Keeps the engine running smoothly

    Use 1 can every other tankful of gas (twice) before our long summer vacation trips and the 2008 Ford Taurus purrs like a kitten. Use a can every 2 or 3 months while at home to keep the injectors clean . Continue to get great gas mileage and smooth operating engine all year long . Engine sounds great at 127,000 miles on it !

  • Mate Bahnegyi - Very disappointed, the worst editing job I have ever seen

    Very disappointed, the worst editing job I have ever seen. The hockey footage is absolutely terrible, can barley see the goals, no good camera angles, no good replays. A hockey DVDshould show good hockey shots from a high camera angle so you can actually see what's happening. It's a shame that the NHL would produce something that's such low quality. The penguins' season was amazing, the NHL needs to make better quality championship DVDs!!

  • Sindelle - I liked it

    I'm confused about some of these bad reviews. I just purchased the camera and didn't even test it just popes it above my TV and turned the game on. Everything worked perfectly and I have yet to have any issues. The only thing I could say that would make this game better is better music. I almost didn't buy it because Justin Beiber was listed on the cover lol. I'm very impressed with the technology and ease of use.