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Fraser Hale - "Dr. Fraser Hale is a veterinary dentist practicing in Guelph, Ontario; he is a fully-qualified specialist, with his services available by referral from your veterinarian"

Country:, North America, CA

City: -80.2649 Ontario, Canada

  • Baniced - Well built Laser light projector

    Does this sound familiar? Untangling the 20 or so strands of Christmas lights to see which ones still work, then spending the entire Saturday afternoon in the cold to hang them on every bush/tree in your front yard, then when you turn them on, there are those few strands that have now decided to not cooperate and you sit there to find out what bulb is causing this problem so you get frustrated and proceed to shake the wires hoping that will make it work, while causing the strings to fall off the branches you just spent the last hour hanging them on...and not to mention that after everything is to your liking, there is that one pesky squirrel that decides to chew through one or two of the wires throughout the Holiday season to cause you more frustration...AND don't forget the time it takes to take them down and pack them away!

  • Mike - It didn't work for me.

    So I got this in the mail to try. There were two sample packets so I decided to do an experiment with them. I used one packet on my feet in an attempt to alleviate diabetic nerve pain. I used the other pack on my right shoulder due to muscle ache. There was no effect on my feet. The burning and pain never went away. I didn't really expect it to do anything but I was hopeful. The 3 star rating doesn't reflect this. The rating is because the muscle ache in my right shoulder didn't subside either. There was no effect at all. I got more from the massage of the shoulder and trapezius muscle than I got from the product. It might work for others but the active ingredient Capsaicin didn't work for me.

  • Humming Bird - Good Oils, Good Price

    I have been trying out different brands of essential oils for a while now, and this one ranks up high with a few others. The smells are crisp, and I especially like the Sweet Orange oil that came in this set. I dab the lavender on my pillow to help me sleep at night. This is a great bargain on oils that work just as well as DuTerra and Young Living. Especially good for people who are just getting into EO's. I recommend this.

  • Joanne Teller - Group Fun

    My 13 year old granddaughter had this on her list and everyone at the party joined in except a couple of "old guys" like her dad and uncle. Good exercise and body control usage.