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  • starlight - Dance off the pounds

    Purchased this as a gift for my niece who loves Just dance items. The child loves this item and has actually lost weight using it. She is dancing her way to fitness and is so happy and proud of herself. She loves her wii workouts. Well, I have joined her club. I had so much fun playing with her I purchased my own wii and also have this item. I love it too!

  • shae - bad news

    I Bought this thing and what they sent to me looks nuthing like the one in the picture. I think they shippedme something different because they did not have this one and instead of issue a refund they sent the one that goes around your leg and arms. Anyways i figured i wouldnt complain and try anyway i read all the dirrections and all it did was shock me once and didnt work at all anymore. I tryd to call but got an answering machine its taking eveything in me not to loose my cool. This item is a waste of money truley. I ordered a different one and will review it once i rceive it. Pray its not the same situation!

  • Gerald Spencer - Everyone who has seen Independence Day should see it.

    I think I enjoyed many of the reviews more than the movie. I was lost. I had to stop the movie and do a search for the second in the series, thinking that I obviously missed one. I must agree, the CGI is tops and the premise of the size of the mother ship and how they destroy and pillage to create such a thing is inspired; the movie is a worthwhile see for that. Now, Sela Ward as the President is baffling; then again no acting on her part is required; the role calls for nothing and she gives nothing and no great loss.