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Healthcare Sales, Service, Clinical Teams-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Touchpoint Solutions designs and implements customized, cross-channel pharmaceutical and healthcare sales, service, and clinical teams to achieve maximum impact

  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/solutions/ Services & Solutions-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Bold, progressive pharmaceutical solutions with sales & service teams, clinical teams, contact center, direct recruiting, commercialization, support, consulting
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/sales-service/ Sales & Service Teams with Flexibility-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Touchpoint offers flexible field sales & service teams with agility to ramp up or down size due to need, budget, business demands. Analytics maximize success.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/clinical/ Credentialed Field Clinical Teams-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Clinical teams staffed with credentialed healthcare professionals for your brand: Clinical Health Educators; Medical Science Liaisons; Inside, Help Desk, Hybrid Teams
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/contact-center/ Custom Designed Contact Center Services-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - 100% healthcare-focused contact center representatives deliver inside sales, service, clinical solutions designed to enhance reach, frequency for your brand
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/direct-recruiting/ Direct-hire Recruiting to Your Profile-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Our full-time healthcare recruiters understand your direct-hire needs, use expertise & proprietary recruiting software to increase quality, reduce costs, limit turnover
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/commercialization/ Biopharma Brand Commercialization Services-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - We provide biopharmaceutical and healthcare brand commercialization sales & service solutions so that you can maintain focus on your core competencies.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/consulting/ Pharmaceutical Commercialization Consulting-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - A full range of pharmaceutical brand commercialization consulting solutions across the product lifecycle from pre-launch to loss of exclusivity (LOE)
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/program-execution/ Program Execution Maximizing Efficiency-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Powerful support solutions of recruiting, training, performance management, operations, compliance and analytics drive every Touchpoint designed program.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/about-us/ About Our Vision for Healthcare-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Our vision of customized, cross-channel solutions. The next stage of multi-channel healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing teams turning your goals into reality
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/about-us/executive-team/ Executive Team-Commercial Pharma Leaders-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - An Executive Team with deep pharmaceutical experience as commercial leaders. Extensive industry experience translates into high performing teams for clients.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/about-us/news/ News Releases-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - News and press releases from Touchpoint Solutions, a leading provider of customized, cross-channel, healthcare sales, service, and clinical teams.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/resource/ Resources-Whitepapers and Case Studies-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Learn more about the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with these resources: whitepapers, articles, case studies, Touchpoint Solutions information sheets.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/about-us/blog/ Blog-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Blog and posts from Touchpoint Solutions, a leading provider of customized, cross-channel, healthcare sales, service, and clinical teams.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/diagnostic-tool/ Healthcare Teams Request for Information-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Our business development team is ready to help with healthcare sales, service, and clinical team requests for information to design your perfect solution.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/careers/ Grow, Succeed, Advance-Job Opportunities-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Equal employment opportunity with a commitment to diversity - advance your career by applying for a job at Touchpoint Solutions using our online database tool.
  • http://www.touchpointsolutions.com/contact-us/ Contacts-Business, Media, Job Inquiries-Publicis Touchpoint Solutions - Contact us with a business development inquiry. Make a press and media request. Apply for jobs through our online career opportunity database tool.

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